Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Why is HERO beat good this META?

Currently, we see HERO beat as one of the top 3 decks in the OCG, why are they suddenly good again? They had been taking about 2 formats off.

Many will surely say Airman into Bubbleman then into Blade Heart is full of win.

True, that combo is one of the best OTK HERO beat obtained after years of evolution. But I beg to differ. Note that all the things I'm about to type are all based on my point of view.

Why Blade Heart isn't the main contributor? :

While we all agree the Blade Heart thing is good and effective, it is not what HEROs rely on to win, I firmly believe, to the very end, HEROs will win on their one-for-one trades.

Refering to this tournament :  3.3.2012 - 13th Kanto Championship - Metagameanalysis

We clearly see that Inzektors are the top deck. But, let us not forget that Inzektors can easily be stop by one-for-one's and with the consistency of a HERO beat deck, it con be sure that the player CAN make Blade Heart the next turn. Making HEROs the best counter to Inzektors.

To some degree, that is the truth. I feel like the only way to fight on an almost equal par to Inzektors without rushing for an OTK would be using HERO beat. But, statistics shows, the one-for-ones AND Blade Heart aren't enough to make this deck top tier.

So what had made them top deck again? Agents, or rather, the lack of them.

META game analysis showed us that HERO beat disappear off the radar about the same time Gachi Gachi Gantetsu is release into the game. The ability to take multiple meant-to-be one-for-one's is major problem for HEROs. That together with Hyperion, which can be drop at any point of the game and cost disruption to the overall strategy.

When Agents got less popular a few months ago due to Inzektors, HEROs found the opportunity to step up their league again. As compared to a match against Agents, a match against Inzektors are much more easier played, because they always have cards one the field Gemini Spark can hit. Or rather, One-for-one can work as one-for-ones.

When HERO's greatest threat, Agents, lost its popularity,  HEROs found this as a chance for reemergence.


I hope this makes sense, although I don't really think this as important to many. Because, all we really need to know is what deck tops and how they top. Not necessary why they top.

Again, most of the points I made are from the conclusion I myself deduced after much observation on the META trend, as any report, the results can be overthrown by an unseen factor.

I welcome inputs on your opinion on why HERO beat took top deck status again, and I enjoy reading them. Cause a conclusion from a network of infos and thoughts will always be better than something one person did.


blackwingEX said...

nice insight, though Inzektors can probably play zenmaines just like agents play gachi.

and that HERO beat always mained at least 1 super poly and some compulsory evacuation device to deal with aforementioned threats.

Bahamut84 said...

Actually Gantetsu and Zenmain stopped becoming a problem after the release of Black Corn.

More inzector means more ppl play Ragia.

Hero beat sort of wins both because of Hero Blast/Super Poly.

mike said...

@ Lgq- this topic seems familiar ...

Heavy shit eater said...

imo, hero decks are topping because they have nice outs for most of the overwhelming cards/decks of the current meta.

i agree with you that the best variant is the STUN one. it only needs 6/7 monsters (depending on maining maxxC, which is a must here in TCG), so it has too many space for techs, such as grand mole (against zenmaines), captain golg + skyscraper (against laggia + dolkka).

another issue to take into account is a HERO STUN side deck, which can contain disrupting cards such as skill drain.