Saturday, March 17, 2012

Asian Qualifier 2012 Report

Shout out to cookie for being an awesome judge!

Deck played : Hieroglyphs

1st match vs Andrew Ang - Inzektors

1st duel : I misplayed and my OTK fall short of the mark. He OTK'ed me back.

2nd duel : I open with Macro.

3rd duel : I open the most offensive hand of my deck. He sets 2 and summon Centipede, attacked. I MST a Judgment and proceed for an OTK.


2nd match vs Samurai

1st duel : My opponent was a newbie, he made Shi-En and Catastor with his whole hand, but not attacking for some reason. I drop REDMD on him and win from there.

2nd duel : My opponent actually negated MST with Shi-En, summoning Kageki and getting Torrential.


3rd match vs Machina Gadget

1st duel : I rush him with Hiero OTK.

2nd duel : He killed me with Fortress because I have no combo.

3rd duel : Open double MST and an OTK.


Proceed to 3 rounds of swiss and cut to top 8.

Swiss round 1 vs Inzektor

1st duel : I rush him with the OTK.

2nd duel : He actually let me start and I open Pot into Car, too much advantage.


Swiss round 2 vs Sean - Inzektor

1st duel : I got off a slow start and his Inzektors just keep gaining advantage.

2nd duel : Drago wins games.

3rd duel : He open Mask of Restrict and I have no removal. (edited thanks to Clover)


Swiss round 3 vs Long Zhai - Inzektor Wind-Up

1st duel : He wind-up loop my hand.

2nd duel : I manage to clear his back row and rush for an OTK.

3rd duel : He side in Jogen, but I top Wanghu.


Squeezed into top 8!

Top 8 vs Allen Chiew - Gravekeepers

1st duel : His massive backrow was just too much for me to handle. (Andrew pointed out at the end of the match he made an illegal move of summoning 2 monsters in his first turn.)

2nd duel : I found an opening and went for it, luckily, the OTK works.

3rd duel : I have 1800 life,Ryko set, TT and BTH set. My opponent has Decendent and Sin Cyber on the board. He played Dark Hole for some reason, use his monsters just got killed by the traps. Then he made a second misplay of getting Recruiter instead of Decedent with Duality, and left me at 100 life. The next mistake he made was not searching when I destroyed his recruiter. His 3 misplay gave me a chance to turn the tables and won.


Top 4 vs Sean - Inzektor - revenge match

1st duel : We both just set and play card car. I eventually gather my pieces first and kill from there.

2nd duel :  I was able to force and early OTK on him because he was lacking in his backrow.


Finals!! vs Sam - Inzektors

1st duel : I couldn't do anything because his Wingblast keeps hitting my cards.

2nd duel : I tried to go for an OTK even after he drop Maxx "C", he had Trag.



Top 2, so close yet so far. Overall I think I did very well, seeing that I'm THE only Hieroglyph player in top4. (edited)

If your wondering what build I took, just scroll down :)


Anonymous said...

So its Single Elim, Swiss, then top 8? weird format...

anyways that sam guy is beast...

Sean said...

congratz! u totally deserve what u have achieve today. it was fun dueling u. just a bit unlucky dueling sam. but dont be sad, u've done so well, keep it up :)

Bahamut84 said...

Actually Clarence (top 8 vs Sam) was also playing my Hieroglyph deck lol.

GQ said...

oh, really? everyone was telling me i'm the only one left

Anonymous said...

Hi, for Hieroglyph Deck, which cards must i stop?

Dominic said...

Congrats for your achievement !! :)

Clover said...

Remember to put no.25 also known as Edison Chen next time lol...

GQ said...

haha, yeah. BTW, how would it help me win at that scenario, I'm still confuse

Clover said...

U can make tragoedia loses it's effect, thus making it's attack 0, and ur gaia's trample can still continue, that will confirm opponent's death lol

GQ said...

the effect can be used in battle phase?

Clover said...

its a "u can use it during ur opponent turn" effect. Which means it can be used anytime.

GQ said...

never knew that, no wonder people have it in their extra.

Clover said...

By the way, ur 3rd game against sean is he open mask of restrict is it? lol...

Anonymous said...

Congrat and I have a question is Gorz legal in this tournament.
I guess not right?
Thz in advance

GQ said...

no, its not

Sean said...

@Clover: That was during his 3rd game against me during the Top 16 Swiss round. Yes, I did opened Mask of Restrict and it slowed him down.

Clover said...

Yeah I noe but it states "I open mask of restrict" lol so I was thinking hieroglyph opening mask of restrict himself?

GQ said...

should be a typo since I did the report right after i came back and was exhausted

mike said...

2nd round u paycho the 6sam player !