Friday, March 9, 2012

Hieroglyphs in Asian Format

For those of you who don't know whats so different bout the deck in or out of Asian format, heres a little update.

The main deck is EXACTLY the same, if you don't play Gorz. But, the extra deck ... isn't.

We don't have Gustav Max! in Asian format, basically meaning we don't have excess to one of the most important card in the Hieroglyph OTK.

So, is Hieros still good in Asian format, not nearly as destructive, thats for sure. But, not to say they're no longer good.

I've been playing the deck for 2 weeks now, not rely on the promos because I know I won't have them in my country's official tournaments. I don't wanna make a misplay in tourney because I'm too used to Gustav Max!'s overkill.

Firstly, I would really like to remind Hiero players, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is a boss monster in itself. Its more than just ammo for your OTK. If your playing in Asian format, most of your OTKs will be based on this Dragon's 2800 base attack.

Trinity in Asian format (GQ's version) :

REDMD, Shiyu, Aset//Tfeni or 2 copies of Gathering will do the trick.

Do the normal Hiero stunts. Get Atumus and REDMD(from your deck) on the board. Now, bring back one of a Hieroglyph and banish REDMD for REDMD.

Get the second Dragon back onto the field. Make Exa-Beetle. Beetle will get rid of an opposing card for FREE. And we now overlay those 2 rank 6's into 2 copies of Gaia Dragoon.

2600 + 2600 +2800 = 8000

While this is very very basic, it shows that we don't need Gustav Max! to win, contrary to what I'm hearing people say.

Is getting a copy of REDMD to your hand harder than a third Hiero? Not really, sure, you have 3 Gatherings to get your pieces, but we main 3 copies of Pot of Duality and Card Car D respectively. Digging into the deck is fairly simple.

Even if you don't have your combo, just don't over commit to the board and you would be fine. There are tons of good Rank 6s that can hold their own. Namely Photon Streak Bouncer and Exa-Beetle.

Just don't go all out when you don't have game and you would be fine.

Call of the Haunted :

Slow? Maybe. Unreliable? I beg to differ.

The card is amazing as it effective let you reuse those REDMDs. Say you have a copy of Call set and trying to go for game.

Now you can. You can send REDMD to the grave with Exa-Beetle and bring it back.

Or you can use this to bring your combo back, or just your beaters may be enough to change the tide of the game.

Inzektors aren't the only deck that would benefit from this. While I do agree setting cards against Inzektors can be dangerous, BUT, we have 3 Card Cars, 3 Pot of Dualities and 3 copies of EFFECT VEILER, their odds of opening a Hornet aren't exactly as high as yours with Veiler. Based on statistics.

Tragodia :

Good against most match ups aside from Inzektors (although this can save your ass from a OTK). Trag normally comes down onto the board at 3000 in this deck, since you won't be committing much to the field with Card Car D if his in your hand.

People aren't playing Mirror Force and Prison anymore, and Fiendish Chain are generally bad against Hieros. This card is gonna do some real damage against a non-Inzektor opponent, and thats IF they have access to Hornet.

This card is godly in Mirror Matches (prior to the siding of Dragos), drop it on the field and if your opponent leaves any non-rank monster on the board, take it, since you have some many cards in hand and most of them would most likely be monsters.

Siding in Maxx "C" and this card instantly goes over 5000 most of the time.

Side decking :

Everyone knows how important side decking are, especially if your a top tier combo deck. Everyone's gonna have something for you.

I would like to suggest Debunk but the card isn't really what I say effective.

King Tiger Wang Hu, however, IS.

Imagine you place King Tiger on the board turn 1. The only Inzektor that your opponent can summon now would be centipede and the only Hiero that could come out is Tfeni, even so, your opponent can't continue with his tricks until they get rid of King Tiger. In the mean time, you could be gathering the cards for the 3-card-kill, all by placing 1 simple card on the field.

In my opinion, King Tiger is even deadlier to Inzektors and Hieros that Drago is. Sure, Drago is searchable and can be recycled, hence a staple in Hiero side decks. But no doubt Wang Hu is a huge addition to side decks.

I'm not sure if I could find space for it, but its definitely in my top consideration list. I'm already playing at least 2 copies of the card in non-Hiero sides, and they work good.

My Body as a Shield and Forbidden Lance. Maybe even Royal Decree. All these cards that stop the cards players side in against you would be good. I don't think I need to press on this too much. I'm also seeing an interesting side of Wingbeat of Giant Dragon.


Anonymous said...

Can you suggest a side versus Verz Ophion? When my opponent summon him turn 1, i find incredibly hard to dispose of him, since he can search for the spell/trap immunity card...
And Ophion stall all my deck.

GQ said...

I have no clue, since he doesn't exist in my META.

Anonymous said...

are you from singapore?

normally weekdays where got tournament?

GQ said...

no, I'm from Malaysia. If your looking for someone from Singapore, DuelingDayz.