Monday, March 26, 2012

So Grapha ... I mean, DW won the 100th YCS eh?

If I told you I've seen this coming, I'm lying.

DW is a good deck, and a tier 1 deck, no less. But the deck has never been the top deck of the meta. But, good job piloting the deck above the other 4300 players, the dude deserved the glory and win.

Reckless Greed is a beast in the dude's deck. True Story.

I was expecting Wind-Up or HEROs to top the event, simply because I hate Rabbit and I fail to acknowledge them as anything other than Samurai ver 2.

But, since the OCG and TCG has such a huge gap in between them, DW's win means nothing to the OCG. That said, DW is still one of the most powerful decks in the OCG.

Nothing much to say other than I'm extremely surprise that Chaos Piper made top 4.

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EdseL said...

This wouldn't ever happen in the OCG. Unless at Asia Champs... (remembers back then I read Sam won some big event using DW teched with Iron Wall)