Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Top 2 Hieroglyph deck list!!

My trophy!

monster (21):

3 Tfeni Dragon
3 Shuu Dragon
3 Aset Dragon
2 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
1 Emerald Dragon
1 Watt Dragon
3 Card-Car D
3 Effect Veiler
2 Koaki Meiru Drago

spell (12):

3 Pot of Duality
3 Mystic Space Typhoon
3 Seal of Gathering
1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster Reborn
1 Book of Moon

trap (8):

3 Call of the Haunted <--- shouldn't have played 3 since I side them out almost every match
3 Raigeki Break
2 Torrential Tribute

side (15):

2 Maxx C <--- useless
1 Koaki Meiru Drago
2 King Tiger Wanghu <--- good but it does the same thing as Drago, could be something better
2 Ryko Lightlord Hunter
1 Dark Hole <--- useless
1 Mind Control <---useless
3 Macro Cosmos <--- MVP
2 Bottomless Traphole
1 Chain Disappearance <--- I wanna have 1 more of this

extra (15):

2 Gaia Dragoon
2 Atumus
1 Photon Streak Bouncer
2 Exa-Beetle <---only need 1
1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis <--- never once made this
1 No 12 Crimson Shadow <--- never once made this
1 No39 Hope <--- same as above
1 CNo39 Hope Ray <--- made it once but it did not do anything
1 Queen Dragoon < --- not once
1 AOJ Catastor < --- not once
1 Brionac < --- useless
1 Black Rose Dragon < --- once but doesn't stop me from losing

So most of the cards in my side and main are absolutely useless.

I still think Maxx C is bad, even thou I lost to it, its still bad in our format.


Mike Ting took alot of the videos of my matches including my match with Sam, so check out for updates on his blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi, can i have Mike Ting's link?

Wanna watch the videos.

Anonymous said...

How does raigeki break work in ur deck?

GQ said...

best trap card of the format

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats on 2nd. Just saw the overview of the tournament on DuelingDays.

GQ said...

duelingdayz or dueling legacy?

Anonymous said...

@ LGQ : as in wat do u normally discard for raigeki break?

GQ said...

anything that doesn't matter at the moment

Anonymous said...

1 question.

Why don't put 3 RDMD?

Will it be slower?

GQ said...

The 3rd one does nothing, its not exactly a bad card to have, but I have no space for it.

Anonymous said...

what would you change from your build? do you ever need the lvl 8 hieroglyph xyz?

GQ said...

with the current available cards in the Asian format, I feel that this is THE best build, pure Hiero wise. I've seen a couple of other builds during the tourney but I see them either trying to do too many things or just isn't consistent enough.

Or rather, this is the build that suits me the most. My only problem would be my side deck as I threw everything together a night before after 2 hours of DN testplay with myself.

Granted, my side was too committed on the rabbit laggia match up and my main deck was build so I could definately take game1 in Mirror. I didn't meet either match ups.

Anonymous said...

I did some modifications to your deck and Im testing it on DN, this deck a beast. I took out 3 coth (too slow for me). Added 2 tragoedia 1 gorz (I like having a plan b if I dont get the combo, also It drops with at least 3k and my opp waste resources to kill him). Finally I added 3 maxx c cause in DN most people play tourguide, rabbit etc.

cedric_xx said...

My Heiroglyph Deck list:

Shuu x3
Tfeni x3
Aset x3
Nepthe x3
Wattdragon x2
Hanzo x3
Chaos Sorcerer x2
BLS x1
Maxx "C" x2

Spells: 9
Heavy Storm x1
Gathering x3
Duality x3
Book x1
Monster Reborn x1

Solemn Judgement x1
Royal Decree x3
Ninjitsu Art"Super Transpo." x2

Atumus x2
Photon streak x2
Gaia tragoono x2
Gustaph Max x1
(Just Add Something)

This deck is an OTK Deck that focused in xyz summoning atumus and taking out REDMD from the deck. This one is a good deck, give it a try ^_^

Anonymous said...

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