Saturday, March 20, 2010

1 Day Before Sin Red Eyes TourneY!

YO, people, its me again, Malaysia's most SOHAI YGO blogger. With ZERO HOUR (no pun) less than 15 hours away, I have yet decided on what deck I wanna use tomorrow morning.

Normally, I wouldn't care but SIN RED EYES is calling for me!!

Should I play safe or try to catch people by surprise.

I really wonder how the META game would be as I have not entered any tourney since this format started. Hmm.

With BF and Infernity running around, I guess playing Stall Burn is Suicidal.... I think.

I really can't think straight right now as I lack caffeine (out of Coffee!!), I (at the moment) believe UNICORNs EXIST!! CAUSE THEY CAN FLY !!

I think you see the problem.

Thank god the game tomorrow is Swiss!! Or I may stay up all night before coming up with a side-deck!!

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