Sunday, March 28, 2010

28th March 2010Tourney Report

Didn't expect to go to Sungei Wang today but since I was there, I entered the tourney. Sold Stardust and Goyo, made a ton and wasting half of it on 2 Great Tornado, overall, worth it.

Deck used : V NEOS

1st match : Magician // Spellcaster - some guy

1st duel : He Magical Dimension 3 times hitting ZERO twice and Shining once. I blew his field with ZERO and use NEOS to beat him.

2nd duel : Shining came out 1st turn by Fusion Gate. Nuff said.


1 - 0

2nd duel - Monarch - Lam

Again, I face Lam in a locals, happens every single time.

1st duel - Abzolute ZERO happened.

2nd duel - Forgotten the details but he beat me quite easily.

3rd duel - He has a face down and a Stardust out. I summon Shining, not wanting to waste any Miracle Fusions as I think the face down is Mirror Force. I attack, it was Magic Cylinder. OMG! Shining was over 4000, so you can guess what happened.


1 - 1

3rd match - Undead - another guy that I have never met before ...

1st duel - Summoned Neos over and over again.

2nd duel - Shining + Neos + Call of the Haunted FTW.

I never knew what deck he played even after 2 duels. Then he showed me Mezuki and Zombie Master. I was like : "Oo!". He said he couldn't pull any Zombies.


2 - 1

4th match - some deck ... seriously, I've forgotten ... - the guy that bought Goyo from me

Obviously I can't remember a thing about this match aside of "Sap Kou Fung" bitching beside me in duel 1. He was like : "Please don't bully him(me)... he runs an E HERO deck without Super Polymerization. WAHAHAHAHA!!". But I did have Super Poly, and I used it in one of the duels.


3 - 1

Ranking : 5th out of 17

Damn, not even a top 4 out of just 17 contestants ... I was really eager to duel Karl again in a rematch for last week in his Infernity (with 3 Trishugay) but the lost to Lam at round 2 just denied it.

Results :

1st place - Infernity - Carl
2nd place - Lightlord - ??? (its a familiar face but I never can really remember his name)
3rd place - Monarchs - Lam

Cookie//Joshua did show up, but he showed up too late for the tourney(in which he took a train here from Perak( I think... ) just to enter.

Prize : 1 x Tourney Pack - pulled crap.

Basically, 1st and 2nd place gets 2 tourney pack and the others get 1. A lame excuse of a prize, I know.

Pros :

- made money today (100 ++)
- got my 2 E HERO Great Tornado (thanks Karl for selling me for s good price)
- got Chimera Tech Fortress Dragon + a lot of good side deck cards (traded away all BF commons and rares(without Kalut) + Hell Kaiser Dragon)

Cons :
- not topping ( 1 place from it actually...)
- forgotten to sell some guy my set of Deep Sea Diva
- some beginner thinks I'm a beginner as I play NEOS
- traded or lost my 3rd Royal Oppression....

I was planning to watch KL Drift 2 with Lam today, but got side-tracked by YGO stuff ... so, yeah.

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