Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tourney Report - 21st March 2010

How long was it since my last tourney report?

Congrats for Lam for scoring his first Top 4 (although not getting any Sin, he got 2 packs of Korean PP). And a very warm applause to Cookie (Joshua) who won the whole thing with his Machiner and walk home with his Sin Red Eyes, which makes him on my KILL LIST (next to Mike).

Today's tourney was a very big one, with 34 turn-ups! Very good for a non-official tourney in Malaysia.

Deck played : ZERO Gate !

1st Match : Yusei deck - Newbie

1st duel : Rape him with ZERO.

2nd duel : He pulled out Stardust and attack my Booked ZERO. Luckily, I have Parallel World Fusion at hand!


1 - 0

2nd Match - Stardust / BUSTER

1st duel - Fusion Gate into Shining and it stayed there the whole game.

2nd duel : Stardust / Buster is out. I have Super Polymerization set and Airman on the field. Perfect? Problem is that I don't have Tornado ... Lost when he summoned his second /Buster.

3rd duel : The exact same thing as duel 1. This time, with the help of Burden of the Mighty!!


2 - 0

3rd Match - BF - Karl

1st and 2nd duel : Trading blows and exchanging hits! A very good match (the best one I had in a long long time).

3rd duel : Can't really focus anymore as I was really tired from the 2 duels (30 minutes + ) and I was playing a lot more careful than usual (my brain hurts!!). Can't say the hand was bad but I couldn't play it to its full potential.

Good Match Karl!!


2 -1

Went for a break, and have some drinks at the cafe next door. Lam had a 3-0 while both me and Soliel have 2-1's. I was half joking about dueling him next, while no one really hear me and I shut up.

4th Match - Light Dark Anti-Meta Beat ? - Soliel (what luck!!)

1st duel - Trapdust Shoot my Ocean while I don't have anymore HEROs left.

2nd duel - He had no monsters since mid-game.

3rd duel - I sided Burden of the Mighty. He didn't expect that and sided out Spell and Trap destruction.


3 - 1

5th Match - Lightlord - a friend which I can't remember his name ... at the moment

1st duel - I totally forgotten about the presence of Honest and ram Ocean with Skyscraper into Lyla. Big miss play.

After the loss, I found out something ... I don't have anything in my side against Lightlord. While this normally doesn't proof a problem, the deck I'm using was a attacking based deck. And they ... well, are big ...

So, I decided to side in SUPER FUSION ! Believing Ha-Oh JUDAI is with me!

2nd duel - I set Woodsman with no back rows. His turn, Charge, Recharge, Recharge, JD x2 and Lumina . Me : ... oh!


3 - 2

Hate to admit it but I under-estimated Lightlord and didn't even bother creating a side against them. Cost me a chance to get into top 4 ...

My side contains 50% things against Infernity, problem is I never faced one the entire day...

Ranking : 8th out of 34.

Would be good if its a top 8 instead of 4.

But oh well! Good day!!

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