Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm Alive! And here's my opinion on the Malaysian March Format

Sorry for the absence for the whole week. I have test the whole of next week and one this Saturday and most of my assignment and report's deal date is coming up ... you get the picture!

Last Saturday, went to Sungei Wang to meet Lam and some friends. I had class that day, so I was late for locals that usually starts at 2:30. I was quite surprise that there wasn't a locals last weekend... NOT! Knowing how the shop owners are quite lazy, I am not really surprise with the lack of locals. But I did duel with quite a few peoples there. But the top players weren't there so, basically couldn't test the full extent of my decks.

The March format has officially started last week and many people are "predicting" the top decks. BF , Infernity , random OTKs (frogs) , GB and Monarchs are the obvious picks. But is it the same everywhere? Well, this is what happening in Malaysia, at least.

Note that these are mostly personal opinions, and no Top Players are there to proof me otherwise.

Gladial Beast :

When a formats becomes slow, many would think that they would be the next top deck. Well, I like to say that they are like Syncro Cat, a relic of the past. Even with the banned list not hurting them, there are just not as powerful as before, as the cards that are release can easily beat them. I dueled a standard GB build the other day, and I test quite a few different decks against it. The results are :

Koaki Meiru : 5-2
Stall BURN : 4 - 1 or 2
Gadget Monarchs : 3 - 0
Shocker Emperor - 2 - 0

You can see the results are quite clear. Of cause, this was a standard built, no D Eatos elements nor Lockdown. So, I say, unless GB have some sort of other elements, it just can't win anymore (of cause, the skill of the duelist matters most)

Lightlord Variant :

This is just like last format where people can't accept the fact that AKB was dead. Obviously, there are a bunch of dead man/woman walking. I did not duel a Lightlord that day, but saw it got rape by a GB(the same guy I duel with). So, I guess you can see where am I going.

HERO variants :

Quite surprising as I saw someone other than me running E HEROs (something that is a fact for the past 3 years). E HEROs are somewhat popular with kids. As I saw 2 (beginners I think) playing them, but one of them got rape by a Stardust/BUSTER deck (evil man) and the other was bullied by me (Stall Burn) and some guy (Undead lock). At 5 pm or so, another E HERO user appeared, this one was obviously a lot better than beginners, but run a mix HERO deck. So, I duel him HERO vs HERO.

1st duel : X

God hand with a Stratos but it was shit because he wasn't here. I basically got rape out there by ZERO.

2nd duel : O

Both of us used 3 Shinings and Zeros in the duel. But I had Fifth Hope!

3rd duel : O

Shining Flare Wingman FTW. Skyscraper + SFW > Neos Knight.

End of the day, I gave this awesome quote : Skyscraper is HEROs best field. これはヒーローの最高の戦え舞台!(hope I didn't spell anything wrong).

Monarch variant :

This is a deck that obviously gain power this format. Lam, me and couple of others now having a few Monarchs variants at hand is solid proof. With 2 CyDra, 2 Treeborn and new supports like Battle Fader. This and the fact that most of its other opponents got hit pretty bad.

I have not faced a lot of Monarchs to make a conclusion but its obvious that they are going to be at least a hell of a fight.

BF :

This is the top deck of the format. While losing a 2nd Allure and a 3rd Black Whirlwind, he lost his toughest opponent, Lightlord. New cards, Breeze and BF Treasure are proving to be great techs into the deck. While fan favorite Icarus Attack still proves a VERY BIG threat to many decks.

Guys, if you wanna win, while not having top level skills, this would be the obvious choice.

Infernity :

The rumored most "ImBa" deck of the format. The OMG I'm Gonna OTK you now deck. Is nowhere to be seen... What this ain't right, ain't it suppose to be VERY powerful. But this is the fact, not many can afford 3 Daemons and 3 Trishula.

Well, the Tourney on 21st March will be a great chance to see whether this deck is popular or not!

Others :

I can't think of more deck right now, so I'll call this a day. Machiners are Powerful! But can they be considered top tier ? Will have to see !


The above wall of text is my personal opinion and how I see things IN MALAYSIA, more specifically, Gamer's Arena Sungei Wang ( Saturday ).

Please give progressive comments and such.


BTW, has anyone got the new Duelist ID, its suppose to be card (I mean, real card, not cardboard card...). Looks cool but those this means the old rankings would be cleared?

And will Mr P use this as an excuse to halt locals till May, when the new ID officially starts working?

Again, lets wait and see.


Still have no idea what deck I wanna use for the March tourney . Since promos AREN'T forbidden ! WOO HOO ! I have no idea what I'm gonna use and hoping no one can afford Trishula. I do think that the 2nd one is irrelevant thou as Mr K and Mr J clearly have playsets.



Anonymous said...

I love making different E-Hero Decks. Since you have more experience against E-Hero Absolute Zero Decks than I do, how do you manage against one?

Duelist#LGQ said...

actually, I have next to none experiences against Absolute ZERO. As I am the only one in my locals using it. And when I do, its someone using my deck.

Using Smashing Ground and Fissure would be best I guess, try minimizing your cost, thats basically it.

Absolute ZERO decks tends to lack defense aside from ZERO himself, so take him out and the deck is basically defenseless.