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Hi again! This is Malaysia's Craziest YGO blogger! Haven't really been posting a lot lately and really shouldn't be right now as I have a test tomorrow 9 a.m.

Well, seems like the 7th series is gonna open with one hell of a set. Accel Syncro and Syncro Fusion Monsters. Normally, when you introduce something NEW of this MAGNITUDE. You do them separately, but seems like Konami is so kind of giving them both in one set instead of 2, we should be HAPPY about this!! NOT!! Damn you Konami, this is a trap since obviously we still ONLY have 5 Ultras, your gonna make the Syncro Fusion Monsters as the Supers ! This cannot be accepted, unless they wanna increase the number of Ultras in this new series!!!??? But that would also lead to a problem as we only have 3 (including Ulti) Ultra in a box, therefore decreasing the chance of getting something good.

Lets stop the crap for a while (if possible), and take a look at the Syncro Fusion Monsters. Truth is that this is not an official term for them as they do not belong to a new Archtype nor do they have a new ruling on them. Syncro Fusion Monsters (fan-made names obviously) are Fusion monsters that has a Syncro monster (of some type) as one of its fusio material while having another monster of that type as the other material.

Well, at least thats what have been shown anyway.

The supports are cool but I doubt it would see much plays. We see the orange dude from Polymerization is actually a monster (according to Wikia, his Summoned Skull ... BUSTED!).

I guess Kazuki-Sensei must have foresee the future(now) back in 1997 when he drawn Polymerization, therefore including that monster in its artwork!! I see!! It all makes sense now!!

Miracle Syncro Fusion is lame however... talking bout no creativity ...

NOW, Ladies (if any) and Gents (presumably everyone here), I give you ACCEL SYNCRO !

Terui : *ACCEL*HEN---SHIN!!

Oops! Wrong Show!

If you wanna know whats Accel Syncro, please take a look at 5D's episode ... something ... Well, its a few months ago, where Team Unicorn was first introduced, where Yusei was dueling that Gorz Cosplayer.

The concept is simple, to preform Accel Syncro Summon, you would just have to floor your pedal, hit high into the 400s KM/H zone, then push your NOS button, that would allow you to be as fast as the speed of Light and Lap your opponent. And you completed your process!!

The above duel mechanics are done by TRAINED-Professionals, do not try this on the highway, cause you might get a ticket or ... you won't die, but you would be sent to the Shadow Realm.

Remind me to get a new car before the Duelist Revolution comes out!!

Of cause, you would know about the actual in-game ruling of Accel Syncro, and therefore, I don't wanna talk about it. *tries to cheat my way through as the rulings are too hard to understand*


BTW, I build an INFERNITY deck !! GASPs!! OMG !! *insert terrified scream here* ... one under budget. Basically, one without Daemon (I use beast instead) and of cause, TRISHULA *epic echo thunder effect*.

For such a budget build, it work out pretty well. Its fairly consistent(as I run out of staples, I run quite a few ... well, not so good cards)


Basically, this is what YGO sets introduced to the game, very briefly(simplified stupefied).

Series 1 : Duh! The game itself.

Series 2 : Effect Monsters Rulez.

Series 3 : THEME DECKS!

Series 4 : The concept of "Special Summon > Normal Summon + Equip Spells + Other Things"

Series 5 : OVERPOWERED decks!! Why was this series introduced anyway?

Series 6 : Duh ! Syncro Monsters and the principle of JACK ATLAS.

Series 7 : We would have to see ...


This was an idiotic post! I thank you for your time!

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