Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Malaysian YGO forum

Lam and I discussed this a few months back and we did not made any progress since not many were interested and those who are can't offer much help (I think). And for the fact that me and Lam have absolutely no idea how to make and more importantly manage a forum, we put the "project" at halt.

So, a few minutes ago, he told me about this topic again. So, after much discussion(10 minutes), we decided (temporary) to name our forum a name that is Malaysian yet YGO at the same time.

No, its not gonna be MYO, or Malaysian YGO Online as it sounds like an Online Game more than a forum.

We are gonna call it *insertdrumroll*


OMG! How more localize can YGO be? Its YGO with a Malaysian twist! Our (at least us) favorite late night hang out spot!

Comments and criticisms please!

Anyone who has the interest and knowledge to this forum is highly welcome! PM me or Lam for more detail!

Found this extremely cool Pic!


ghost said...

why atlas n mamak?lol

Neuxcharge said...

Jack Atlus Approves of this Awesome title!

Duelist#LGQ said...

why ah...? not really sure, but it sounded cool when me and Lam discussed about it!!