Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The new love of this set! While many don't think of it as more than a beat stick that is moderately easy to summon. This card can be a new love in an E HERO extra deck or side.

Why ?

Situation A :

Player A : I summon TRISHUGAY ! And I have Stardust and Goyo on My field! You cannot stop me. WAHAHAHAHA!

Player B / Judai Cosplayer / Me : Reverse Card Open ! Cho YUUGOH ! I target Trishugay and my random E HERO.

Player A : Want to summon Zero? I don't care I have Stardust and Goyo is bigger than Any E HERO. WAHAHAHA.

Player B / Judai Cosplayer / Me : YUUGOH Summon ! Surging Dragon Knight Dragoquites!!

Player A : ... ooh...

Situation B :

Player B / Judai Cosplayer /Me : The Shining Attack! Destroy Stardust / BUSTER !!

Player C : Nevermind! I still have Stardust ! You cannot DIRECT ME!!!

Player B / Judai Cosplayer /Me : CHO YUUGOH Activate !!

Player C : OMG !!

Situation C :

Player B / Judai Cosplayer /Me : Yuugoh Activate.

Player D : Ceh ! If its not Shining than ZERO lor. If not maybe Tornado. No originality...

Summons Dragoquites. *inserts blank face on opponent*

Player B / Judai Cosplayer /Me : Shut up!


So, I was thinking, can Miracle Syncro Fusion be use in a E HERO deck? Maybe but my ideals and Ego says NO!

Then what Fun deck can be played around this card?

SDYS Yusei Structure deck volume 1 . In stores on XX/XX/20XX!!

or maybe ...

Junk and Debris in the Advent of the Surging Dragon-Knight!!

*inserts decklist here*


The new OP for 5D's starting episode 104 would be "BELIEVE IN NEXUS".

So ... GX manga , Kamen Rider Themed HEROs and now 5D's anime, they want us to believe in Ultraman Nexus?

Actually Nexus is Latin for Connection and Center, ALL HAIL WIKIPEDIA!!

And in the Final Episode of Ultraman Nexus , the main character said this before Henshin "Kizuna... NEXUS". Making it properly fit into the Kizuna-themed anime or YGO 5D's.

But for some spooky reasons, when I tried to type the word "Nexus", I always mistype it into NEUX ... OMG!! A COW IS HAUNTING ME!!

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