Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TG deck testing.

Played my friend's TG deck this afternoon, mixed feelings!!

Test played against Dragunity which it beat, Infernity which it did 50-50 and Samurai which it 2-0'ed ... but against BF it was 2-0'ed.

First and current impression of the deck is that its very consistent, but like most decks of this type, its hard to get out of dead situations as there are no big plays you can do with no set up.

After an hour or so playing that deck, I decided to get myself 2 copies of both TG Striker and Werewolf. As both of them are cards that really made TG such a powerful deck (at least the build my friend made).

Put those 4 cards into my Syncro Spam deck and it was a huge success!!

Nothing else I wanna talk about but Junk Berserker being awesome!

3 out of the top 4 are Six Samurais in YCS, so we should (or at least I think so) be getting a banned list targeted specifically at them.