Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bored thus Gotta blog!!

Currently at my friend's house after this BORING party I just attended.

News on the priority ruling change reached me this afternoon, wanting to post about it but lack the chance until now.

My thoughts on this ruling : Mixed.

Yes, this makes the game more simple and some overpowered cards can't generate pluses that easily (eg, Judgment Dragoon). But, it also some what takes a bit of skill away from the game. Like setting multiples and stuff. For instance, you could have 5 sets and your opponent drop JD, you can potentially get rid of JD, but his still taking 4 cards way from you. Now, set 5 and just get rid of JD 1-for-1 without it blowing you up. This may be good as it will be less broken plays but mind games wise ... not really.

Well, that was my personal opinion on that matter. But do I hate this ruling ? No, not a bit actually, as I find it stupid that priority is always generating pluses and confusing players (to an extent).

Like most bloggers stated, with this new ruling implemented, Bottomless TrapHole just raise into value AGAIN. While it was a staple until not so long ago, Solemn Warning put it obsolete, but with this ruling, it WILL become good again, to the facf that people will think twice before playing Warning in their deck, cause it now only stops 3 things better than BTH : Monarchs (and Co), Gorz (and his buddies) and Stardust.

Control wise, you might still need your Warnings, but for your average deck, I doubt that the duelist wanna waste 2000 for a mere summon that BTH could potentially gets the job done better.

On a side note, I feel that this ruling is gonna help E HERO players.

Cause the deck doesn't have any monsters that can activate priority (Airman's effect isn't affected just in case you wanna know). And with the rising in players dropping Warning for BTH again, Gemini Spark is gonna be gaining advantages. Not to mention BTH deals with a lot of threats for the deck (for mine, Chaos Sorcerer and Brionac).

All and all, E HERO is gonna be extremely powerful this season. At least I think so. BTW, Exceed monsters can't be use as syncro material monsters, that means nothing to fusion!!

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