Thursday, February 17, 2011

Banned List Rant!!

So, it's finally out, after about 3 days of waiting (well, not as much as when I waited for GS03 news, but meh).

I'm not showing you guys the list here, you can go look it up somewhere else, but since I'm most probably gonna highlight EVERY single card on the list, I guess you could say that I have it up.

Lets get started, as I have class in about 30 minutes (in the study room currently, "studying").

The banned :

The 1 thing we all think about when looking at a list, what got banned?

Cold Wave and Mass Driver.

These 2 caused two much kill for this game, the latter specifically. I wasn't expecting either of them to get hit, cause both weren't really doing much by the end of the format, but killing gay cards are always good, kudo for the guys who did the banned list.

The last card that got banned was Goyo Guardian. Why is this again? The card is good, too good perhaps but not banned worthy right. I mean, its a generic staple in any deck with access to syncros, but is it a card you guys would really be scared of?

But this hit me as I was looking at the list. Exceed summons. From what we have right now, Exceed really are just syncro with a different name and color scheme. So, they have to slow syncro down to boost Exceed, or at least that is the only reason I can think of.

Limited to 1:

Kalut and Honest, but really, is this necessary? I mean, Kalut to 1 may not be enough to kill BF and Honest to 1 does shit to Lightlords (Light Beat and Agents maybe) but isn't this a bit of an overkill? No further comments for these.

Dandelion is a card we knew would get hit, it should had happened last year at September.

Gateway of the Six, Bravo Konami, Bravo. I was a bit worried that it might not get hit cause TCG just got to play with the new Sams, but it was hit anyway. While some say this isn't enough, anymore would kill the deck, now they balanced it (like Infernities, I hope).

Book of Moon to 1 is something I would not have predicted. I mean, yes, it was over played for a few formats now, but to 1? Well, better find some cards to replace it with, since I hate that card anyway.

Thats all for Limited, now to the semis,

Icarus and Warning to 2, saw this coming.

Debris and Krystia should be limited, but hitting them is decent enough.

Trooper to 2 would be fun, and make Lightlord variants a bit better. Syncron decks would also be happy for this (somehow).

The others, Reaper, Tribute (OCG wise), Megamorph and Overload are random ...

Are they trying to boost Machines? I mean, Trooper and Overload, with 3 Cybers on the loose? Not to mention Karakuri Machina is awesome.

No longer on the list .

Skill Drain. This IS GOOD!! I love this at 3, and for the moment, no further comments.

Chaos Sorcerer to 3 might be more dangerous than they think. Trooper to 2 already boost Lightlord in someway, and that Honest they lost can be easily replaced by 1 of these guys. Kudos to team Rose Bud for pointing this out.

The others are irrelevant for our (and by our, I mean Asian) format. Either not allowed or totally unusable. Just in case you wanna know, they are : Demise, Dewloren, Snipe Hunter, Sarc and Ultimate Offering. Or are they?

Signing out, Class!!

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