Friday, February 11, 2011

Sorry for Being DEAD for a week!!

Chinese New Year hasn't quite ended yet, did A LOT of visiting after school hours, came home SUPER late = too DEAD for blogging!!

Extreme Victory (officially) reaches the stores tomorrow, and I'm Planning ... not to get a box ...

The set is good, don't get me wrong, but if you don't wanna be playing TG, I see no point (aside from people who wants every single card in the game at their disposal and sellers).

I wanna point out some cards that I felt that is good enough to make my "To Get List" , note that these are mostly (ALL) based on my own opinion and not from a 3rd party based source.

1. Unknown Syncron

Searcable by Tuning, this little ball is a Cyber Dragon in disguise. Although like Glow Up and Spore, its effect can only be activated once per duel. This card can be a good tribute folder and of cause syncro summoning with Fluff Tokens or anything of that caliber. This is one of the new cards that would make a good addition to my Syncro Spam deck. Since we are always lacking in a good level 1 tuner (side from Spore and Glow). Will test it out 1st before I make any further comments.

2. Necro Defender

I don't know why, but while his effect seems very balanced and shit. I find this card extremely capable of performing an OTK. The moment this card's effect is confirmed, I immediately thought of Ultimate Tyranno, I'm still figuring how this card works itself into an OTK though, will post it if I find a way.

3. TG Werewolf

While I usually don't think cards from a certain archtype as a card to get if your not into that deck, this 1 is a good exclusion. Werewolf gets special summon from hand, when you have a monster with lv 4 or lower special summoned. This is extremely good in a syncro based deck and specifically Debris Dande, however, this all depends on do you have the space to put this dude in.

4. Honorable Retiree of the Six Samurai

Again, this is one of those cards that would be good in not only his own deck, but also a normal syncro based deck, and this dude can be also be treated as a Cyber Dragon that can't be bottomless. Nothing much other than that.

5. Change Toad

While this card won't do any good outside of a frog deck, I think this is going into my to get list. Why? This is gonna boost Frogs up a bit again (not to the level of brokeness Substitoad made). I don't know exactly how much this card would boost Frog Monarchs, but according to the lone frog survivor SST, this is going to make Frog Monarchs viable again (in his hands I suppose).

6. Call Resonator

Its a RoTA for the resonators, a cool card overall. Nothing much than that, but this makes the Resonators actually a working archtype. May be playing them once I get a play set of everything. This and the Red Daemon's support card may just make a Jack ATLAS deck a good fun deck to play, please release a Jack Atlas sleeve!!

7. The Six's School of Dual Wielding

This is one card that shouldn't be underestimated. While I can't really see how many copies you should play, this is a card that WILL win you games. Returning 2 cards your opponent control to their hand is awesome, notice it says CARD not monsters. Its activation cost is a JOKE, having a Samurai out? Shi En maybe? OR IS IT ? This could be tricky to do as you can only activate this when you control ONLY 1 monster and that being a Samurai. Best play I can thick of is summon Kageki, Special Kagemusha, sync for Shi En, flip this card and spam for game with Gate.

8. Assaulting the Weak Point

The only foil card I'm getting. This card is good as it negates monster effects that activates in the grave and hand AND remove it from play. Hand being Honest, Kalut, Fader and Veiler for some more popular ones. Graveyard wise, Plague, Vayu, Spore, Glow Up and Dandelion to name some. By the way, Stardust activates in the grave as well!! Definitely a good card, not in the current format thou, but getting a play set to prepare for upcoming formats.

These are the cards in my "To Get List". Signing off!!

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