Friday, February 18, 2011

Hmmm ... Banned List hurts!!

Basically, my Sabers can't do shit without 3 Books, 3 Warnings and that Cold Wave. Either gonna turn it into a pure Anti META build or make it a secondary.

Since my Syncro Spam deck can easily be my primary deck ( as it does not depend on Librarian as much as I thought), if I can get myself a Formula or two.

Need more play testing first before any decisions can be made, will post again tomorrow night hope fully.

Man, Extreme Victory sure is a boring set, its been release for a week now and we don't see a lot of post regarding how good the decks are ...


LFN said...

Um. Book to one means the combo Trap Stun --> Hyunlei will be interrupted less often lol. Sabers will be good!

LGQ said...

basically without boggard, the only ways for sabers to set up are through emmers or fullhelm, the latter became harder without Book.

too much decree + forbidden chalice + lance = OMFG!!