Saturday, February 19, 2011

Samurai and Exceed Summon

The new Samurai Counter Gathering Combo Making Game Winning card is better than I thought. It easily comes into the 2 empty spots that were used to be Gateways.

I open with something like this A LOT just now :

Shien's Dojo, RoTA equivalent, another random Samurai. This is basically makes a Shi En.

Encounter this random situation this afternoon, Nick spammed the field into 5 monsters and attack into Marshmallon. And he lost because he decked-out about 10 turns later. Without synchro summoning into something, the guy have no way of beating my Marshmallon (pulled Dark Hole when I had Bribe). Funny thing is he had 2 Gateways up.

Lam took a look and was like, why not just Exceed into Aspiring Emperor Hope ... We were like ... Oh!

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