Friday, February 25, 2011

Cause Someone Ask this.

Recently, I have been lack of things to blog about. Mainly due to school and stuff. And partly due to the fact that I've yet to find a company to do my internship with (next Sem). What ever!

Just looked at my chat box and I found this post : yo guys i need some ideas to screw over a different dimension deck other than imperial iron wall.

While I don't know whether this is a request for a post or something else. And is this directed to me .. I don't really care, as this gives me something to post.

DD deck have always been a pain for a lot of decks in the game (cause most decks that are playable interact with the grave in some way). Personally, there are only 2 good ways to deal with the deck, a lot of removal and back row hate, and bloody outspeed your opponent.

For aggro decks like Samurai and maybe TG (cause I fail to find any good example in the current META), they will most probably just get their combo going and ignore the DD cards. This is their way of dealing with EVERYTHING really.

For more control based decks, you probably will go for 1-for-1 destruction and back row hates. BFs are the best examples as they have their mighty Icarus Attack. Having more backrow hate like Dust Tornado (and if you are THAT good, Malevolent Catastrophe) might not be such a bad idea this coming format. As Cold Wave is banned, the setting game would be twice as fierce. If your meta is full with decrees, then Double Cyclone might help (not a fan of Twister).

But to really deal with DD decks, its all about your side deck. Having a few cards that could take care of it is key, and I for 1 thinks that Imperial Iron Wall is a bad side for the deck. How bout playing Return from a Different Dimension instead, taking advantage of your opponent's strategy is 10 times better than stopping them.

From what I know about DD decks, they play Macro Cosmos and Banisher of the Radiance (unless my understandings are wrong). Taking out their main cards means trouble for them, so they will surely have 1 or 2 Starlight Roads in their deck. So, main those Warnings as it gets rid of the 3 of those cards (Macro summons Helios, so it can be negated, don't quote me please).

Basically having 2 copies of MST, Warning, BTH and a couple of other removal cards and DD decks are nothing to be afraid of.

Unless your playing Lightlord or Plant Syncro, then you REALLY need those removal.

I have a test tomorrow, so no long post today. Signing out!!

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