Friday, November 4, 2011

Deck Testing

Finally got some time to test the tourney decks for the upcoming team-tourney. I'm trying to build all 3 of our decks as we speak.

While I was testing with Sunny yesterday night, I accidentally build a pretty good Chaos BF build. It doesn't run Rai-Oh cause its Asian format (although I don't think it needs to), it doesn't run Sirocco either (cause I was actually trying to make a BF with just 1 Sirocco, I found out yesterday my teammate only has 1 copy).

Instead my deck runs 3 copies of Neos Allius, a Dimension Alchemist and an Honest for the light part. I tested it quite a lot yesterday and I only lose once (twice maybe, cause one of my win was from Sunny being ball-less).

I'm not sure if my teammate would want to play this build, as Sunny commented that this was a deck that was build for me, not my teammate.

Bye for now, school starts soon.

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