Thursday, November 24, 2011

Imperial Iron Wall

Fishtank told me a few days ago this card was in Sam's deck (Darkworld) the day he won Top Shop Qualifiers. In case you guys haven't heard, the man beat a tourney infested with Agents with Darkworld (in most case, an inferior deck).

Mad skillz? Ya, no doubt the man has serious skills, and I come to respect that. But I think that Iron Wall made a lot of difference.

I was thinking the other day, what good does Iron Wall do in Dark World. Gate is useless now, thus cutting the deck from its major draw and search and just about everything engine.

BUT, after some thinking, it doesn't work that way. First, Gate is searchable, and chances are, your gonna have Gate out way before you drew Iron Wall. So, better put, Gate is there to search for your main anti meta cards. Its more of a draw power than an engine if you play it this way. Even without its primary effect, Gate still has the boost 300 effect. Which makes DW monsters incredibly big.

Thats not all. What do we side in against DW, the usual would be Bottomless and Prison (if they're not mained already). We also see a lot Kycoo and D.D Crow, and in some extreme cases, Debunk. Sorry to say but Iron Wall kills all of these, rendering most of their side useless. MST at 3? Gate and Iron Wall makes 6 targets.

Why is it good against Agent? Hyperion. Hyperion's annoying constant come-out-of-no-where-and-kill-you is what keeps Agent topping in OCG. This stops Hyperion from even coming out, same goes for Luster Soldier. With just 3 cards sided in, you see your opponent's main strategies broken, his side deck useless, and your boss just never dies anymore.

Gachi is nothing in the eyes of Grapha, Orange Light is just pathetic to the Dark World Army. Espeacilly Grapha. (Note, I'm not Grapha, as he would say something like "I, Grapha blablabla of the Darkworld, will ..." )

All and all, I still don't think DW is the top deck of OCG. Its a good deck, no doubt, but no.1? No way, not now at least.

While I see it have a better matchup against Agents, it dies to most of the other tier 1. Unless you can be certain you would see at least 60% Agents, I won't feel safe playing them.

Iron Wall is an interesting side, people just don't see it coming, but I see it as a side for Dark Worlds against Agents only.

On side note, Inzecters are getting pretty popular in Japan it seems, gotta get my hands on one of those soon. Regardless of how bad they look.

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