Monday, November 7, 2011


MY team won !!

In case your wondering, no, I didn't win anything, MY team is Sung Lee, Michael and Ivan's team. Not surprising at all as most of us are betting on either this team or Sam's to win.

Left early but Cookie told me the results. The top 4 was like MY team and 3 random ass teams.

Epic fail report no.1 :

We found out that we don't have a single copy of Solemn Warning, Judgment, Bottomless, Dustshoot, Mirror Force, Dark Hole, Heavy Storm, Monster Reborn and Brionac in our decks. Cause we all assumed the other is using it.

I end up with a lot of traps just before the tourney, but can't fit Reborn, Dark Hole and Judgment into the deck.

Epic fail no.2 :

I should have read feng shui books during my free time, obviously our seats have bad chi. Why? 6 groups that sat on the row lost, all 6 groups. Bigger epic fail? We all know each other so we sat together.

Real report :

Raggia vs Agent XX
Karakuri vs Darkworld OO
X-saber vs Junk Dopple OXX

1st duel - This duel was about 30~35 minutes long, cause my opponent thinks a lot and for a very long time. Mark lost somewhere here and Jun Pak won. I did a Trishula loop and gain advantage for game.

2nd duel - I was trying to be an asshole cause I know we only have 10 minutes left. What I did? Trying to stall the game out. But, out of nowhere the judge told me we are not going to be timed cause its lunch time after this and stalling will only affect our own lunch time and not the entire tourney (Lol? WTF was that?) Didn't have enough big cards to push for damage while my opponent tops a BLS kills me with it, Trishula and Arcanite.

3rd duel - I open with DD Crow, Effect Veiler, Gottom's E Call, Starlight Road, Regigura and Nobleman ... WTF? (the guy beside me explained that since I was the only one left playing, the bad chi accumulated on me). My only chance was actually to play Starlight Road, but the card he played was Lyla. My turn, Faultroll. Got hit. Draw, Nobleman!? Almost dead. I need to draw into something and I drew into ... Effect Veiler ... (Guy next to me was like ... I told you so)

Aside from the luck, I wasn't confident at all during this tourney. Partly because we never practiced and we see Zack, Andrew and Cookie test play a lot.

Need to test play more next time, but it can't be helped cause school is hectic for me at the moment.

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