Sunday, November 13, 2011

Invoker and Zenmaio

I've been trying to fit Invoker into my X-saber deck but I don't see the point of doing that. Mainly cause there's no good target for its effect.

M.X- saber Invoker

Rank 3 1900/500

2 Level 3 Monster

Once per turn, you can detach 1 Exceed Material from this card, special summon 1 Level 4 EARTH Warrior or Beast-Warrior Type monster (from your deck) in face up Defense Position to your side of the field. Destroy that monster during the End Phase.

This card is no doubt good, but I don't think its good in sabers, at least not mine.

This card will be better if its :

1. Targets Level 4 or lower, instead of just level 4.

2. Target Beast type as well.

The only level 4 target in an X-saber deck would be Boggard Knight, which you want to normal summon, and special summoning it in defense does not do anything.

I was thinking of playing my old friend XX-saber Garsem, until I notice he is Beast instead of Beast-Warrior.

The only good use for this guy I can think of at the moment would be playing some sort of T.G Saber hybrid, but even then we don't play Rhino.

All and all, I think this card has potential but I just can't find a good target for its effect.

Wind-Up Zenmaio

Rank 5 2600/1900

2 Level 5 Monster

Once per turn, you can detach 1 exceed material from this card to target 1 set card on the field; destroy it.

I'm not an expert with Wind-Ups and I don't see any Wind-Ups anywhere near my locals so I'm not sure how good the deck is in summoning level 5s.

I'm having mix feelings about this card, seeing that it only destroys face-downs.

People are running BTH and Warning over Prison and Mirror Force, so I doubt you would hit any facedowns S/T with it. And the only monsters that we wanna hit would be Ryko and Spy.

2600 isn't bad but rank 5 means its not generic.

My conclusion with Duelist Box 2012 would be :

The sleeves are awesome and I want it badly; the mat is good seeing we don't have access to rubber mats often (unlike TCG). Those are the Pros.

Now the cons. Red isn't a good color for the box, I just don't feel comfortable with it; we get normal packs instead of special ones like Legendary Collection 2; cardboard deck box and stickers feel cheap; and we still haven't see anything from the pre-constructed deck, which is most likely filled with Zubaba Knight and his lot.

Neutral : 2 Promos which may or may not be good, well, they're not bad, just not good; we have a Secret Rare Hope, just in case you don't like Ultra and Super.

All that for Rm300 or slightly lower than 100 Usd isn't really bad, really, its not, considering we get rip off with products most of the time, but I myself won't get it if I'm not sharing.


Chow said...

Instant Fusion/Cyber Dragon + Wind Up Soldier/Warrior/Dog = Rank 5.
Haha so it's seriously not that hard to bring out Zenmaio. I'd rather bring out Volcasaurus or Adreus though. Maybe even Tiras x]

MQU88 said...

i think there will be even more x saber support(maybe a new monster??) that will invoker a staple but right now he is kinda meh