Saturday, November 19, 2011

Top Shop report

I've stayed up extremely late yesterday night try to build and test a build of Sabers that doesn't lose out to Agents and Laggia completely. Finally build a good side for both these decks at bout 3 am and went to sleep.

9am this morning, went to take a bus to town. On the bus, I found a major flaw in my plan, it basically means I'm gonna lose round 1 most of the time and I must win both the following rounds, and my plan didn't include my opponent siding against me.

I really need more time to prepare as finals is near.

I end up building a Chaos Version Doppel Plants (without doppel warrior) on the bus, and getting the few cards I lack from Fishtank once we're there.

Test play against him for 1 (yes ONE) duel, and the flow seems good. So I just throw a side deck together for every possible deck and went for tourney.

Not the best thing one can do, and DON'T do it in your tourney, you'll regret it.

The format for day 1 was Single Eli to top32 and 5 rounds of swiss to top 12.

Single Elimination : VS some guy that Andrew told me is a pro - Darkworld

1st duel : I pull MST, Reborn, Heavy, Goat, Junk Syncron, One for One. Sets Goat and MST and ends. He plays Lightning, target MST and Grapha hits Goat, which I chains. He sets 2. I drew a monster, play Storm. One for One for Glow UP, go for Formula, again into Android, I summon Junk Syncron, summon Stardust and then Shooting Star. I play Reborn on his Grapha, not using Shooting's effect cause I only have 6 Tuners in my deck (which 2 was in the grave already), attacks for 6000. He hangs in with Book of Moon next turn, but was finish a turn later.

2nd duel : He baited my Heavy Storm and lock me down with Skill Drain, he was down to 800 at this point, and I have Chaos Sorcerer out, he then pulls a Sin Cyber End and a Grapha. I manage to hang a few turns but his Gozen Match backed with Judgment and Skill Drain was too much.

3rd duel : I forgot what happen in the early parts of the game, but at one point, I have MST and Mirror Force/torrential Tribute set and Android face up. He plays Cheerful Coffin, ditching 2 Grapha and a Silva (his hand is now at one), he targets my 2 backrows, I chain MST to Gate and drop a DD Crow on Silva. I pulled Kycoo next turn to basically rape his set up.


So, both me and Fishtank wins and went into Swiss.

1st match vs Some guy I used to lose to which I never knew his name - Agent Angel

1st duel : I set a Ryko, he goes for Gachi and I killed Venus. He sets an ass load of backrow. I was hit by Dustshoot next and my Mirror Force was MST'ed. He wins a few turn later with Earth, Venus poking for damage.

2nd duel : I sided in Decree although he got rid of it early. His Hyperion took out my set Sangan, I took Junk. He attacks me and I drop Tragodia, he ends but I had MST. I target Glow Up with Trago and made Formula, drew into Reborn, gets Catastor back and summons Junk, attacks for damage and sync all the cards for Shooting Star. Won from there.

3rd duel : He starts and gets Valhalla, but summons Earth. I kill it with something and ended, I have Trago in hand. He specials Venus, go for Shine Ball, summon Earth, tune for Wyvern, summons Hyperion by removing the Venus in hand and showed me 4 Angels in grave. LOL. Got OTK'ed like a bitch.


2nd match vs Some guy who knew me - Agent Angel

1st duel : I pulled shit again and he starts doing his loop and kills me.

2nd duel : I somehow got Shooting Star out and won from there.

3rd duel : I open 2 Decree and Storm. I was like FML. Set Ryko and Decree. My opponent summons Earth which I Veiler'ed, it got killed by Ryko. And he sets 4 ... I gladly played Decree and blow those sons of bitches up with Storm next turn, setting Decree and attacks with Kycoo. Won from there.

XOO, by this point I was super tired from lack of sleep and how many Agents I'm fighting.

3rd match VS No clue who this is - WW BF

1st duel : I opened with 2 Leeching the Light ... thats when I notice I forgot to side it back out. Loss this duel easily.

2nd duel : I opened bad but topped Starlight Road, set a bunch of things to get hit by Icarus. After a few turn, I played Goat and summons Glow Up, tunes for Formula, and my opponent decides to play Icarus, I played the Road and go for Shooting Star. He nearly killed me but he stopped right off the mark cause he didn't knew and all out attack with Dark Armed and Gale would kill me (he played Book and Dark Armed), instead he left my token and attacked it with Gale, but I did have Trago. Made Black Rose and drop BLS for game.

3rd duel : I forgot to side out Dustshoot (his going first), and sets 3 when I topped deck Dustshoot, he has his own dustshoot and got rid of my good cards. Loss there.

XOX, sleep more the day before tourney, you need it. I also completely neglected BF and didn't have anything to side for it.

4th match VS someone I knew but forgotten - WWBF

1st duel : He tops DAD and won with it. We were joking too much so I don't remember much from this match.

2nd duel : Shooting Star rape him in the ass.

3rd duel : He attacks my Formula with Shura, I chain Mirror Force, he tribute it for Icarus, I played Starlight Road. And Shooting Star trolled him again.

XOO, Shooting Star is a Troll. Remember that.

5th match vs Robbert (or whatever his name was again, a local basically) - Agnet Angel

1st duel : I pulled Heavy, Dark Hole, Reborn, Dandy, Lonefire and BLS. I thought they were limited for a reason. But my opponent has Dustshoot (asian english, which he keeps stating) and got rid of Lonefire, his only card was Earth, so I set Dandy. He attacked Dandy and Token with Balls, and made Gachi. Set 2 and ends. I play Storm, he allows it, and Dark Hole, which he didn't cared, since he knew I had nothing. Hyperion came down and butt rape me.

2nd duel : I some how manage to make Shooting Star AGAIN. And won with it. Seriously, 60% of my wins  are from Shooting Star.

3rd duel : He pot of Duality into Dustshoot and gets Venus with Earth. He plays Dustshoot and I reviewed, MST, veiler, Maxx C, Sorcerer, Jian (yes, the Lightlord dude) and Mirror Force. He then forces me to play Mirror Force and attack for game with the 1000 and 1600 bastards. I could pull any monster from there. It was Decree, Dark Hole, Decree, Lonefire(which he had Orange light), Mind Control, Foolish (DD Crow'ed) and BLS which I can't summoned. And his 1000 dude attack me while I drew those.

XOX, well, a loss is a loss, at least it was someone who I know was good, not some random ass dude with a top tier deck. :)

Dropped out with me in 17th placed, if they didn't told me it would be top12 instead of 16 earlier in round 5, I would have killed someone.

Fishtank loss once in Swiss and got 3rd, so Toysbar is still in the tourney and is in there strong. I hope we get the GS04 box.

Decklist, although I scrub, I think this list is good for the format, just the side deck needs some bushings.

monster (20):

2 Junk Synchron
2 Effect Veiler
1 Glow Up Bulb
1 Spore
1 Dandelion
1 Lonefire Blossom
1 BLS - Envoy of Beginning
2 Chaos Sorcerer
2 Tragodia
1 Mystic Tomato (wasn't any help)
1 Sangan
2 Ryko Lightlord Doggie
1 Jain Lightlord Gay person (wasn't any help)
2 Maxx C (doesn't do shit in OCG, at least not with this much Agents)

spell (12):

1 Heavy Storm
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 One For One
1 Pot of Avarice (never once played this)
1 Scapegoat (MVP of the day, easily)
1 Enemy Controller (not much help)
1 Book of Moon
1 Mind Control

trap (9):

2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Solemn Warning
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Solemn Warning
1 Trap Dustshoot (never pulled it once when I truly need it)
1 Starlight Road

Problem with the deck, I have too little Dark Monster in the deck, and I ahve the Chaos stuck in hand too much because of that, guess deck testing IS important.


mike said...

i found the same problem with Dustshoot and Avarice and Econ when testing mine.

Cut Dustshoot and ECon out. Avarice just keep la, its better to have it in there then not to. Kena mill, nvm lo.

why you no like doppel! (still dont really understand)

blackwingEX said...

you just need doppelwarrior lolz

and try level eater too :D

if you don't run tengu, which I know you don't then e-con won't do much...

you'll need an intant floater like tengu of treeborn to make it work well...

lyla > jain
zephyrus > tomato :P

LGQ said...

Lyla > Jain but no one has one when I was there, I made the deck on the bus, so yeah.

Same goes for Zephyrus.

I didn't brought my doppel with me that day, I just build this deck with what ever I had in my binder.

LGQ said...

epic fail, I know.

What a way to waste an invite.