Sunday, November 6, 2011

This is IT!!

Going to Team Tourney in a bout an hour, just woke up and having my daily dos of coffee, its 6 in the morning on a Sunday.

I'm teaming up with Mark Lee and Jun Pak from Team Arco in case your wondering, our team name is ... Team Wizz 2. Cause Sunny's team is Wizz 1.

After much consideration, my team goes by,

Jun Pak (leader) - Machina Offering Gadget
Mark - Rabbit Raggia
me - Saber

To me this is a good set cause we have Aggro, Control and Combo in the team, as oppose to the initial, double control and a combo.

The main focus on my deck today would be Shi-En. I'm playing 2 copies of Elder for Shi-En or rank 3 exceeds.

Will update you guys later today. Stay Tune.

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