Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Order of Chaos

This set should be rename Order of Inzector, Evol, Mainspring and Ninja. No one cares about Photon anyway so I won't mention it.

I don't think we have more than 15 generic cards in here but there are some very good ones for review.

1. Kuribolt

This kuriboh forces Laggia and his lot to negates its summon, if they don't wanna risk a rank 1 monster exceed. They added a "this card can't be use for syncro summon" on it, which is good, cause I see its stats very powerful in Junk Doppel.

2. Gogogo Giant

While basically being a card that supports the Gogogo archtype, this card is good in my opinion because its both a 2000 beater and a Rock monster. Some people still wanna play Dark Gaia for some reason, and need materials that aren't worthless.

3. ZeXal Weapon - Unicorn King Spear

As I mentioned, this card's effect isn't really that useful but its stats are good. But I can't find a use for it upon that.

4. Dark Blade, Head Soldier of the Dark World

This is THE card I want the most from this set. This is actually a retrained version of Dark Blade (if you remember, the very old vanilla 1800 beater that has 2 union dragons). And its a Warrior as oppose to a Fiend while being a Dark World monster.

The best part of this card, is of cause, its effect.

Once per turn, you can banish 1 DARK monster from your Graveyard and select 1 level 4 or above LIGHT monster your opponent controls. The selected card is treated as a equip card for this card. Also, if this card on the field would be destroyed, you can destroy a monster equipped to this card instead.

This card kills Agent, in the right deck. Being a 1800 beater to begin with helps a lot, and a Warrior means its better.

I should most probably get this before Saturday.

5. Trans Archfiend

This is a official (for Asian format) Fabled Raven that recycle those remove from play DW monsters. Many are saying this card is gonna make DW good here, but I really doubt so, thats my opinion thou.

6. Divine Dragon Apocalypse

Why the hell is a divine dragon named Apocalypse? Is he Ragnarok's long lost brother? Any how, this card can recycle Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and I can't think of anything else for it.

7. No 96 Black Mist

This is actually a really good card in my opinion. Agent Angel can play this if they don't wanna go Gachi, but I don't see the point. Well, we can make a deck based on it, not sure how that will do thou.

8. Creeping Darkness

Banish 2 DARK from the Graveyard. Add 1 DARK Level 4 monster from your deck to your hand.

Good effect and not a bad cost, but what deck runs that many DARK and could careless about Banishing 2?

9. Exceed Reborn

This isn't a bad card, but theres no good target in the game (official at least).

10. Royal Prison

I eat Junk Doppel for dinner is what should have been wrote on the card text.

Thats it for my VERY short review on the cards I think is gonna be good. Not to say this set is bad, but most of the cards are themed.


vampirerion said...

Its darksword, the head soldier of the dark underworld.

if it had dark world in the name, too imba.

MaJu V said...

Dark Blade's OCG name = Soldier of the Dark Demon World - Dark Sword.
This card's name = Dark Sword, HEAD Soldier of the Dark Demon World.
So referring to it as Dark Blade is good enough :-)
But I'm confused... Is it a dark world card, or a dark demon world/underworld card?
It's effect isn't really Dark World style.