Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 March Banned list thoughts

TRISHULA GOT BANNED!!!  .... Big deal!

As much as I love Trishula and how I feel like there are other cards you can banned, I don't necessary feel sorry for it. Just because everyone has it, and just because its not as good now doesn't mean its not broken. Trishula is a broken card, you drop it mid to late game and you would probably only lose if your either bad or god hates you.

People don't want Trishula getting banned, my only problem with it is why BLS isn't hit too.

To me, Trishula is like one of the three pillars of the Syncro Era. The other 2 being Stardust and Brionac. Stardust became a common and we are now in a game where its effect is not gonna save you and summoning it is troublesome. Brio, while still being a gay ass card, doesn't do as much anymore too. The only one of them who is still good was Trishula ... and now his gone.

Spore and Glow up. I don't like this at all. Granted, I bored with Plant engine based deck now, but they are the cards I always go to when I need a good deck for official tourneys. While being free plus 1's I don't see them being the main problem of the deck ... and the deck isn't even a problem. If you wanna hit something in there, you are better off hitting BLS and Sangan. But, we all know why these 2 are hit.

Dustshoot, I agree with this completely. Just yesterday, I've won a lot of games just by opening with this. And loss because my opponent open with this.

So they kill TG Agent very very hard. Deck deserved it.

There semi-limited are mostly made of a bunch of card I don't think anyone cared.

Now, the 2 cards that really caught my eye.

Semi-limiting Torrential and no longer limiting Call of the Haunted.

The majority of the players here are like "They hit Trishula!" , "They did not do shit to Inzektors(and Wind-Ups if your in the TCG)" and "Konami only cares about their sales!!". I've not talked to anyone who were like "Dude ... TT to 2 ... OMG!"

Seriously guys. TT to 2 is huge. No doubt there. Its not gonna help us with the Wind-Up loop if they start first (but since Wind-Ups aren't even on the map in OCG, I don't think its a problem). But if you are to go against the big decks in the OCG, Inzektor, Laval and Karakuri (yeah, they're kinda dead too). Another TT spells buTThurt for them. And unlike Dustshoot, your opponent can't use it on you when your not committing much to your field.

Not sure how much of that is the truth and how much of it is only theoretically good. But I see double Warning, double TT and double Compulse(and variants) being in any deck that doesn't want to be swarm'ed and kill'ed or decks that do the swarm and killing.

Call to 3 is highly overlooked from the TCG point of view. But if you played for the pass few months, you would learn to fear this card. Inzektors made this card good. I'm not sure if they would play a third copy, but that is viable.

So, Junk Doppel is officially dead? No. I'm telling you, no. As long as Formula Syncron and Hyper Librarian are not dead, its not dead. While being hurt very very badly, you can still play the deck, and win with it. I just took apart my deck and made it Syncron based, or rather, QuickJunk Doppel. Works just fine, the only difference is that I can't randomly make a level 4 tuner with Spore now (Glow Up doesn't really matter), BUT, that's where the 3rd Call comes in.

True, the deck may not be as explosive as it has been, but I've always played the deck as a control deck with 10 traps in it.

Making the deck good and topping with it? Challenge Accepted!


mike said...

this i gotta see!

EdseL said...

I'll look forward too for a new kind of Junk Doppel.