Sunday, February 5, 2012

Final Banned List Prediction

So, over the past few couple of weeks, I've had feedbacks on my previous prediction and after some thoughts, I've had change my banned list prediction a bit or rather, my wish list a bit.

Sorry for not posting for a week now, but school's re-open and a bunch of stuff I need to address. Assignments and stuff, well, thats what you expect from an Engineering final year.

Back to ban list prediction.

Forbidden :

1. Mind Control

In my last list, I felt that nothing should be hit cause every broken cards are generic and stuff. But, a friend of mine told me this "Was Oppression and Brain Control ever a theme card?"

That had me thinking, in the current format and the formats to come, Mind Control WILL be even more powerful than Brain Control. Sure, you can't attack with it, but with Syncros and Exceeds in the extra deck, you will not be getting your monster back. Not saying that we should get Brain Control back, cause thats still a very broken card, but Mind does the same thing now, or maybe even better.

In my Junk Doppel deck, I almost never lose a game when I have Mind in hand, same goes to my Sabers. While this card wasn't on my Radar before, I now truly feel that this needs to get hit.

2. Trap Dustshoot

I've seen several prediction list and some of them have Dustshoot on. Reasonings are quite simple. 90% of the time, you win if you have this in your opening hand and go first. You not only got rid of a combo piece or sometimes annoying pieces like Thunder King, you have knowledge on your opponent's resources and you can effectively plan your moves for the next few turns.

Good players can even make your opponent misplay by playing something to bait out big cards like Dark Hole or stuff. And this card spells Mind Games all over it.

While I do feel this card is necessary for the game, its over played now and have every reason to be hit by the banned list. If you pull Dustshoot late or mid game, its gonna be dead most of the time, but just because you could pull it turn 1 and it being highly splash-able, meaning its a good candidate for forbidden.


I'm not gonna have Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning on the list simply because I don't think it's gonna be address (in this coming March list anyway).

Chaos and Plants aren't the top deck in OCG anymore. While this card is still THE most broken card in the game right now, I just don't think its gonna get hit, especially since GS04 is still being printed.

Limited :

1. Inzektor Damsel // Dragonfly

I have Hornet up on my list the last time, but a couple of guys brought up a very good point.

While Hornet is the key to the plus-4 combo, Damsel is the engine which kept it moving. It doesn't really matter if you have 1 or 3 Hornet in your hand or grave at a point if you can't keep generating the pluses with Damsel.

Centipede searches for Damsel, thats fine if you blowing up a card and searching for a card, once per turn. But Damsel puts the combo pieces on the board and set up for it again the next turn.

Hitting Damsel also means you would have to play other Inzektors from the next set (since they're bad in comparison to Damsel), and it makes perfect marketing sense as well.

I've made a mistake last time by limiting Hornet instead, since it would be ineffective, they have Armageddon Knight, RoTA, Tomatoes just to get a Hornet into the grave in the first place. And since all of the good Inzektors are level 3, Leviair to bring the Hornet back if its ever Crow'ed. After much thought, I feel, hitting Damsel would be the way to go.

For everything else on my forbidden list, I still feel the same. Including the Gachi Gachi Gantetsu that everyone is against.

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Western Singapore YuGiOh Duelist Federation (WDF) said...

Yeah, just ban Mind Control. It just Troll only