Monday, February 13, 2012

Countdown to GAOV

Galactic Overlord will be officially release this Saturday, BUT, like always we're gonna get it on Wednesday, Tuesday if they're fast and Thursday if we are unlucky.

I'm gonna get at least a box for sure now, since I really wanna play Hieroglyph and because Zack informed us that starting this year, we need to get a box to play in the Asia Championship qualifiers. I'm not sure how reliable his resources are, since I see nothing of this sort from Singapore and Philippines.

While I don't dislike this one bit, but you already know the number of players participating would drastically drop, something I don't like very much since we already have low participation rate. Well, no official notice yet.

Nothing much I wanna talk about today.

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EdseL said...

Yeah, haven't heard anything about that box issue here in the Ph.