Sunday, February 19, 2012

Toysbar 18th February Tourney report

First tourney this year for me. Bought my box of GAOV, disappointed cause I drew all the crap Supers.

Deck played : E HERO fusion

1st match vs Chaos Dragon

1st : There was much issue regarding the rulings of Dark Flare and Eclipse's effect. After some clarification from our "judge", we came into conclusion that the move my opponent was going for is invalid and he somehow just lost from there.

2nd : I just make Nova Master and hit his Pulsar, Dark Flare and other cards.Forestman stood on the field backed by a lot of set cards, refilling my hand for Super Poly.



2nd match vs WWBF (Mark)

1st : I open Dustshoot, I won.

2nd : He opens Dustshoot, he won.

3rd : I open Dustshoot, but my hand was double Warning and double Ocean. I couldn't get over his monsters and traps. Lost despite first turn Dustshoot.



3rd match vs Six Samurai

1st : My traps won't let his monsters on the board, and Forestman attacks for 4 turns. Drop Airman finally, took out his backrow, attack with both and Super Poly for game.

2nd : I open Skill Drain, Judgment, E Call, BTH, Spark and Miracle Fusion. He ask me to go first cause he lost his first round going first and doesn't want to repeat that .... LOL.



4th Match vs Frog Monarch (Sunny)

1st : Dustshoot saw his hand and I play accordingly.

2nd : I open with Chain Disappearance, Rai-Oh. Poly for Nova Master, attack for advantage and Rai-Oh keeps everything off the board.


Placing : No idea, since Fishtank went 4-0, and no one else cared what place we got.

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