Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hieroglyph Dragon deck, Completed!

After a few days of test playing, this I've finalized the build I'm sticking to (until the deck tops so much and that become the absolute must go to deck I suppose).

monster (20):

2 Hieroglyph Seal of the God Dragon
1 Wattdragon

3 Hieroglyph Dragon - Dragon Geib

3 Hieroglyph Dragon - Tfeni Dragon

3 Hieroglyph Dragon - Aset Dragon
3 Hieroglyph Dragon - Shiyu Dragon

1 Hieroglyph Dragon - Nephthe Dragon

1 Hieroglyph Dragon - Dragon Nut

3 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

spell (8):

3 Hieroglyph Seal of Gathering

1 Monster Reborn

1 Dark Hole

1 Heavy Storm

1 Mystic Space Typhoon

1 Enemy Controller

trap (12):

3 Hieroglyph Seal of Erasure

3 Hieroglyph Seal of Reflection

2 Solemn Warning

2 Torrential Tribute

1 Solemn Judgment

1 Call of the Haunted

extra (15):

1 Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

1 Super Dreadnought Cannon Express Gustaph Max

2 Hieroglyph God Dragon - Ennead

1 Thunder-End Dragon

2 Thunderclap Knight - Gaia Dragoon

3 Hieroglyph Dragon King - Atumus

1 Photon Streak Bouncer

1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis

1 Dragon Devil - Queen Dragoon

1 No 39 Utopia

1 Stardust Dragon (for Road)//Chimeratech Fortress Dragon (for Machine match-ups)

Explanation on how the deck works ... or rather, some key combos of the deck.

If you start a combo and your opponent plays Maxx "C", keep going, if they don't have an answer, you WILL win. If you start a combo and stopped half way, your not gonna win the duel. This build lets you explodes into a few OTK scenarios easily BUT if you wasted one of the cards because of Maxx "C", chances are, you already lost.

I'm gonna assume a perfect scenario where your opponent doesn't have answers to your plays.

OTK #1 :

Having these in hand : Any Dragon with the special summoning ability that you could put on to the field, 2 Shiyu Dragon or Gathering.

Summon your Dragon, release it for Shiyu. The effect triggers allowing you to special summon Wattdragon to the field. (Once Shiyu gets on the field, its all over for your opponent basically, since you can now start to pop backrows if you need to)

Overlay Shiyu and Watt for Atumus, detach Watt for REDMD, REDMD's effect lets you bring back one of your Hieroglyph (which ever is fine).

Release that Dragon for a second Shiyu and get Watt back from the grave. Now, overlay them into Atumus, detach Watt for a second REDMD.

REDMD's effect is played to get the biggest Dragon you have in your grave out. Chaos Xyz change both Atumus for 2 Gaia Dragoons, and overlay the REDMDs into Super Dreadnought Cannon Express Gustaph Max!!

Gaia has piercing. So, considering your opponent doesn't have a floater, Snowman or other idiotic monsters with him.

600 (2600-2000, lets say they have a 2000 shield) + 2600 + 2500(watt) +3000. This is already game.

But lets not forget about Super Dreadnought Cannon Express Gustaph Max!! shall we. 

>In case you don't know what this guy does. His basically the deck's Dark Strike Fighter. He deals 2000 damage by detaching 1 xyz material (once per turn).

If its attacking an empty board. you would have laid 12700 damage to your opponent.

OTK #2 :

Similar to the OTK above, you make Atumus, but you need to play Tfeni for this.

Summon Seal from your deck and normal summon Aset. Make Ennead with both of these cards.

Play Ennead's effect and if you get to pop 2 or more, you get another Ennead.

Xyz summon Gaia Dragoon and you have 8600 on the board.

Yes, you need more card in this OTK, and it does less damage, and much more demanding as compare to the one above. 


There are tons of random ways to OTK using Hieroglyph dragons, just that this 2 are easier to pull off for me. 

Its important for your to stall your game till you have necessary pieces for your combo.

I really don't like Nut, he is useless in the deck and doesn't help the combos at all. But the deck can have some really really bad pulls and I might need him to serve as another monster I can summon.


Let me know what you think bout the deck. Of cause, this is in no way the best combo and this deck is still far from perfection.

Suggestions are welcome and sorry if my explanations on the deck seems a bit to sketchy. 


Anonymous said...

Fuck you noob hahahahaha

petqwe said...

If you draw bad, will you consider Duality?

GQ said...

yeah, I did had Duality in here, but end up dropping it since it really didn't help

Anonymous said...

how bout Holy Quasar deck?

Anonymous said...

um for your OTK #1, how do you special summon wattdragon when Geib specifies a heiroglyph only?

GQ said...

just an example for hieroglyph, wrong name used. LOL

Anonymous said...

what about ultimate offering?

Anonymous said...

What about Dragonic Tactics?