Thursday, February 9, 2012

Random Post

Can’t believe its Thursday again, time really flies when your busy. As for myself, I have 4 assignments deal in 8~9 weeks, super busy since all of them involves programming, solidworks and massive load of calculations.

Good news first, I found some guys playing YGO at my school. I was having my break yesterday noon and stumble across a few guys with binders. My duelist instinct came in and I dump my school friends and ask for the binder. Well, from the binder alone I can tell they are either beginners or someone who doesn’t invest a lot in cards. Bad news for me since I want a good practice partner I can meet easily since both my teammate quitted and the bench warmer of my team isn’t exactly good. I tried my luck to see if they are willing to pay for cards, in case I score myself some buyers, bad luck here too as they are looking for cheap cards mostly.

Played a few rounds with them using their decks, one of them have an Agent deck. That’s good, but he only bought 2 copies of the SD cause he doesn’t want to get the same product again and again. Meaning he only had 2 Hyperion and Earth, which is disappointing. The other guy has this deck that basically consists of cards from the Yuma DP, Zubaba Knight, Goblin Doberg and stuff. He did have a Gagaga Magician, but only 1, so not much I can do with it.

Played using both those decks and the results are obvious. I don’t think there would be any disagreement that the Yuma wannabe deck would be no match for Agent, even if its not a completed one. He only has 1 Gachi Gachi thou, I offered to sell him another copy, but he said his doing fine with it. Well, anything that works for you I guess.

I haven’t played much at since end of last year, and I’m finally found myself some time this weekend to visit Toysbar, mostly because Lam and I wanted to get rid of our Vanguard stuff. I also scored a good deal on 3 copies of each of the SD22 foils and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal. Meeting him at Toysbar this weekend as well. Luck is with me this time since I expect the price of REDMD and Pulsar to clime if Hieroglyph Dragons works as well as my test results shows me. Luckily, Inzektors are there to draw the attention and hopefully I can get my playset of Annead before anyone realize just how broken he is.

I was wrong in my first Hieroglyph Dragon post, stating that Atumus is better than Annead. True, Atumus is indeed a powerful card but Annead wins games, every time I bring him out. Most of my games I would only manage to bring out 1 Atumus, and for the majority of the time, I don’t even do that. But once the first Annead comes out successfully, the other 2 follows and there you have 9000 points of damage on the board.

After my testing, I really really feel that Super Reju isn’t working for me, I either win the turn my combo is played, or I only get 1 draw from it most of the time, its just not as effective for me, maybe it’s the build I’m making.

Hopefully all the Hieroglyph Dragon cards aside from the monster exceeds are common and rares. I can’t imagine how expensive the RoTA would be if its an Super rare, in the OCG, good Super Rares usually are worth 4 to 5 times the price of the best ultra rare of the set. Just so guys from the TCG would understand this, we have 9 SRs in each set, we have 3 SRs in 1 box; we have 5 UR variants in a set, we get 3 of them in a box. We don’t get the same foil twice per box. Meaning if its in Ultimate or Ghost, we won’t get the UR version, unless there is a misplacement in the box, which almost never happens.

I’m currently (by currently, I mean since the beginning of the year) working on a Magi Magi (insert STAR here) Magician Gal deck featuring Magical Merchant. It doesn’t run more than 23 monsters currently, Merchant works as a mill engine that doesn’t mill of your good cards. Obviously it has Chaos Sorcerer and Gagaga Magician in it. I would also like to have a playset of Gagaga Girl in here too just to fit the theme, but those are expensive for its importance to the META. Waiting for a reprint in the Starter deck so the Super Rare version would drop in price, so I can get a playset .

Guess I’ll stop here today, extremely tired since me and my teammate worked for 6 hours on our assignment at McDonalds and had a lecture after that (at 6 pm).  How tired am I, I slept at 8:30 yesterday, straight after I reach home from school, my dinner was on my table when I woke up this morning. Normally, I sleep at 1, that’s 5 hours earlier. So, I can’t really promise when my next post would be up, probably in the weekends. And expect to see most only on the weekends starting now till April, and I’m extremely for those who like reading but my time is too occupied at the moment.


blackwingEX said...

selling of CFV stuff?
>was the game conducive for buying/selling cards?
>game not doing as well as hyped?

ttirbc said...

Hey if you ever get on dn and you see me do not hesitate to pm for a duel dn name is Zackp90

Anonymous said...

yeah, gaga girl is very important to the meta because it is a tier zero card... =P

GQ said...

@BlackwingEX : No, the CFV cardgame is fine, and the machanics are fun, But the reasons I'm quitting is :

1. I started the game because I want an inexpensive cardgame to play when I don't wanna think. BUT, the game has now reach the point that every BIG card is over the price of Pot of Duality, whats worst is that normally you would need at least 3 copies if not a playset of 4.

Worst thing is you get a new set every 2 months and the cards from 2 sets ago instantly lost all of its value (aside from basic staples).

Sure, you can hold on to 1 deck, but same things applies for every card game right, if you don't mind losing most of the time because your cards aren't as powerful, then don't mind playing the cheaper ones.

2. The players are the other reason why I'm disgusted at the game. For some reason (maybe pride), I don't like to be categorize as a type-b otaku but the majority of the players are, and the company promotes this by printing hell load of cute female clans and units.

Also, a number of them like to compare CFV to YGO and would normally bash YGO for being what it is. I cannot stand this, cause I love YGO.

I'm not saying the game is bad, its good, but I dislike the current environment of the community. Like how people hate netdeckers in YGO, and quit because of that. I just don't like being involve with the CFV community.

BUT, its a fun game, by all means, you should try it.

GQ said...

sorry if it sounds like a long ass rant (well, it is)

blackwingEX said...

better hold off making decks so near to the banlist lolz
(though obviously Heiroglyph and Magi Magi won't get hit... directly)

CFV is just starting here, so I guess I might be able to expect the same thing, hopefully not as bad though (already experienced the YGO bashing...) what they don't know is that powercreep is inevitable if you wanna keep a card game strong for 10 yrs or so...

and yeah, what people fail to see is how CFV has their own version of marketing with the way cards are printed :P

Eustace said...

Haha type-b otaku, nice one, but totally true.
What's more annoying is that those really good Vanguard players are normal people. Most of those type-b otakus lack understanding of card advantage and will jump at any oppprtunity to seem like a Vanguard master to the kid who's walking out with his trial deck. And they slam YGO.

GQ said...

@blackwingEX : Its that or we introduce set rotation to YGO, but that way, most people would end up quitting instead

blackwingEX said...

Set rotation ain't applicable to YGO, it is applicable to perhaps CFV and of course Pokemon since they're more structured.

YGO will have to stick to it's strengths which is "pick up a card and play"

Anonymous said...

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