Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hieroglyph Dragon 2.0

After much test play, I come into conclusion that plus-1s are extremely important to the deck. I need to dig deeper into the deck even if it means risking an OTK this turn.

This deck's explosiveness and speed is definately Tier 1 material, I have no doubts about that. But consistency is something that is dragging this deck down.

So, I tune my build into a build that focuses only to OTK and not do anything else. The effects are quite stunning.

monster (21):

3 Hieroglyph Dragon - Aset Dragon
3 Hieroglyph Dragon - Dragon Geb
3 Hieroglyph Dragon - Tfeni Dragon
3 Hieroglyph Dragon - Shiyu Dragon
3 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
2 Hieroglyph Seal of the Divine Dragon
1 WattDragon
3 Card Car D

spell (9):

3 Hieroglyph Seal of Gathering
3 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Heavy Storm
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn

trap (10):

3 Hieroglyph Seal of Reflection
3 Reckless Greed
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Call of the Haunted

Reckless Greed AND Card Car D!? :

Both of these cards are temporary plus ones. But, I found out these to be a perfect match for the deck. Since I normally would just do nothing if I don't have my combo pieces.

Rather than doing nothing, these 6 copies of plus ones lets me dig 2 cards deeper into my deck. With 3 Seals of Gathering and 3 Shiyus, I can draw into these cards easier. Drawing 2 cards deeper means more Special Summons from hand, more bullets for Ennead and Shiyu , and most importantly, getting into those MSTs and the Heavy. Cause once the combo starts, it doesn't matter if your opponent plays Maxx "C", your gonna win. (Effect Veiler is an entirely different story thou).

What if your opponent OTKs you when you "waste" a turn? Well, the only matchup that would pull off an OTK on you consistently when you have an empty field would be a Mirror Match.

But, without any cards on the field, you are killing their Tfeni Dragon. Summoning and Tributing Geb doesn't start the combo (unless they have Darkness Metal or 2 Shiyus, but IF they have those cards, they are gonna win anyway). The only card that would start the combo now would be Aset.

So, for the Mirror Match, side in Maxx "C"s and Swift Scarecrow. No one would be expecting that and they will continue with their combo(and netting you cards). For the OTK, your opponent will perform at least 13 special summons. Thats 1/3 of your deck, and based on statistics, you WILL get your Scarecrow.

The 13 Special summons :

Special summon Tfeni or Summon Aset, Tribute it off for Shiyu (1) and get Watt out (2).

Xyz into Atumus (3), special REDMD from deck (4). REDMD's effect gets you Tfeni from grave(5) and tribute that Shiyu off for another Shiyu(6). Watt is special summon (7).

Xyz into Atumus (8) and plays its effect for REDMD (9). REDMD's effect gets you Watt onto the field (10).

Xyz summon the Atumus and REDMD into Gaia Drakes and Dreadnought! (11)(12)(13).

This is the way the deck OTKs 80% of the time from my testplays.


What does all the testplay tells me? If you don't have Fader, I don't really care if you draw your entire deck out, I'm still gonna win.

Fader comes into mind a lot easier than Scarecrow and thus your opponent would more likely continue on their OTK if they have Warnings set and stuff.

If you play that Scarecrow when they go for the OTK and you already won. Hieroglyph Dragons don't really have defense, so that OTK is usually what they depend on. Knowing you lived that OTK and now you have at least 13 cards in hand ... There is NO WAY you can lose.


Got the idea of Card Car D from Dueling Days, kudos for them as always.


Anonymous said...

scrap iron? Don't you mean swift scarecrow?

GQ said...

Oh, sorry, got the wrong name there. Haha, thanks

Anonymous said...

What about the spell, hieroglyph Seal of Superstrength? The one allows special summoning?

GQ said...

The exact same reason why no one plays Ancient Rules in Blue-Eyes or HERO's Bond in HEROs

Anonymous said...

:( I feel abit sad that it's that way but somehow true fact. Have you considered adding Galaxy into your deck? :D

GQ said...

Well, I'm not really a fan of the card and the card has gone up in price (by a ridiculous margin this past weekend)

Anonymous said...

But 1 is just enough? Would you include it in if you had one or can get one, that is?

GQ said...

I have a playset, just I don't like it. Sorry if my post made it sound like I don't play it cause I don't own 1.

Anonymous said...

Nah I am just curious myself because you could use neo's first effect when galaxy is xyz-ed.