Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chaos Dragons : The Dark Horse of WCQ

No one in Malaysia gives a shit bout this deck, seriously, no one takes them seriously. Many of the Malaysian players don't follow the TCG at all and for the few who does, they would think that Tourguide or other TCG exclusives made the deck good. Some people came into the conclusion of Chaos Dragon's domination was due to the TCG format. While others think that the deck dies to Macro Cosmos (a card seen in every side deck aside from Inzektors and Dark World)

My answer to this would be : Inzektors perform horribly if your opponent puts a Macro on the board. But did that stop them from being the number one deck in the META? If so, why would that stop Chaos Dragons from being a power house? Like any sideboard hate, you need to draw into them first, and who says the defending player can't have outs.

Dino-Rabbit is the deck to beat in the TCG, Dino-Rabbit is a deck that could main copies of Macro Cosmos and not feel bad bout it. But the most recent YCS had 2 Chaos Dragons beating 2 Dino-Rabbits in the semi-finals for a Dragon Showdown in the finals. The Rabbits not playing Macro? Highly unlikely.

People here think of Hieratics as the go-to Dragon deck for the format, because Hieratics are one of the most explosive decks available. But, compare to Chaos Dragons, Hieratics are control decks. People say that decks that explode based on mills will not turn out good because there are luck factors involve. Hello, Lightlord was the TOP DECK for 2 formats, and they essentially run on the same engine. Also, Lightlord has 3 Judgments, and milling them means trouble. In Chaos Dragons, you don't care what you mill, your bosses come back anyway.

In one of my earlier post, I've stated that this deck has a bad game-2 and 3. Basically means, you need to win Game-1 to stay in the game. This was based on the fact that this deck dies horribly to Macro Cosmos. While the fact that this deck dies to Macro is ever present, I forgot a very important note. This deck has TONS of back row hate, even in the Asia format. Triple Lyla, Ryko, MSTs and the single Heavy means one-fourth of your deck is back row hate. Your opponent would only have 3 Macro, and the chances of your opponent drawing into them before you have a backrow hate is significantly lower.

I've stated that you would HAVE to win game 1, but after more thinking, this deck would most likely take game 1 anyway. The sheer explosiveness of this deck is unparalleled this format. Without Gustaph Max, Hieratics actually have a much much harder time going for OTK.  If anyone has played Dragons, they would tell you, if you resolve Future Fusion, the only reason you lost would be because your opponent has an infinite amount of outs, or your just plain bad. Most Malaysian duelist aren't familiar with this, and a vast majority of them may end up not playing MST on your Future Fusion. Also, most of them don't understand Lightpulsar Dragon.

The fact that you could very well play MST and chain Mirror Force//Torrential Tribute on Pulsar and Red-Eyes not coming back may be Astrophysics to some of the Malaysian duelist. Simply put, aside from the big names and those who hang out with them a lot; most Malaysian duelist are bandwagon hoppers with limited amount of knowledge on rulings. And running a fast pace deck and unconventional deck like this may just make your opponent confused. Think Confuse Ray, they might just end up Hitting Themselves (like playing Torrential Tribute on your Pulsar so you can't deal damage to their Centipede).

Lastly, I've also considered that while Chaos Dragons aren't tough to side against, the fact that most of them think that Chaos Dragons is that deck that plays White Stone of Legend and Blue Eyes would make them side the wrong cards against you. Or rather, they won't know how to side against you to begin with.

I've spend half of this post stating the fact that Malaysian Duelist are of a lower standard. Don't get me wrong, there are a good amount very good duelist here where you wouldn't want to meet in Tournaments like WCQ. But skill gap between Good and Mediocre is very very large and the majority of the people playing this game falls under the latter group. Thats why you've been seeing the same guys topping tournament since forever.

Conclusion of this post would be, Chaos Dragons is a deck that most people aren't expecting, and therefore not prepared. Meaning you should play something like this if you don't want to go into the top tables for Mirror Matches.

(Personal Opinions)


Anonymous said...

Chaos Dragon is so strong in TCG because Dino-rabbit is number 1 deck here and Chaos Dragon destroys Dino rabbit. In OCG Inzektors are the number 1 deck and Chaos dragon have problem vs them. Thats the deference :)

K'yde said...

I was holding myself back on not writing an article about Chaos Dragons because i had a feeling you would. And thank God, you did a great job with it. The first time i tested this deck last year (and won locals) people called me lucky. The second time (topped) they still call it a luck-based deck. LOL

Anonymous said...

most Malaysian duelist are bandwagon hoppers with limited amount of knowledge on rulings..i see what u did there..core chimail drago then sp summon REDMD FTW

GQ said...

@anon 1 : I dunno bout everyone else, but I never see inzektors as a problem playing this deck.

@anon 2 : if my opponent has no problem with it, its legal. Thats how Malaysian rulings work; it doesn't matter if you are right or wrong, if the judge says your wrong, your wrong. According to the judge, it was a legal move, so I played it :)

mike said...

@ anon 1- inzektor will lose to chaos dragons in game 1 true story =)

@ anon 2- i wasnt familiar with it, he wasnt familiar with it, no one was familiar with it, so we'll just let it go =)

Anonymous said...

Im anon1 im not saying that Chaos Dragon will be weak in OCG but wont be so dominant like in TCG :) is opposite to the Hero beat decks in OCG and TCG. In OCG is great deck because its good against Number 1 deck- Inzektors in TCG is not so good because Inzektors are not so great :)

Ppl can side macro's but they will remove their MST's and heavy from their decks and that is very good opportunity for Dragons to side Decree in :)

And i think that in OCG there is 1 more + for dragons that when you use the effect of Darkflare Dragon and you put Eclipse Wyvern in your grave you can use Eclipse Wyvern effect and then banish it and add card to your hand :) im not sure for it :D

LFN said...

Good post, thanks for providing some insight on the Malaysian meta :)

Unknown said...

Interesting point of view :)

GQ said...

@anon 1 : I agree it won't be dominant, its not dominating right now basically says that. But, I'm suggesting people to play them this coming WCQ because its good (no doubt bout that) and it will catch your opponent by surprise. And it can win you most game 1's.

regarding Darkflare, I'm not that sure. Need to do slight reading on that before I give any comments. LOL.

GQ said...

@ Kyde : I was actually waiting for Mike. But his post was so damn short!!

petqwe said...

Regarding to the Darkflare question of anon1:

Well, if people can banish Core Chimail Drago for REDMD, then I suppose you can do whatever with that Darkflare and Wyvern, but if the above condition does not hold true:

You activate Darkflare Dragon's effect, sending Eclipse Wyvern to the graveyard to target one monster in the graveyard. Eclipse Wyvern's effect will start a new chain AFTER Darkflare Dragon's effect RESOLVES, not activate. So assume you banish the same Wyvern.

Now Eclipse Wyvern activates effect to banish a Dragon from deck AND the same Wyvern activates another effect to fetch that Dragon back. As the banishing effect is compulsory, the order should have gone like:
C1 Wyvern's banishing C2 Wyvern's fetching
There is nothing to fetch back.

MaJu V said...

Nobody in the TCG took Chaos Dragons seriously either, until two people topped YCS's with it during the same weekend. And look what's happening now: everybody's playing it.
Chaos Dragons do not have such a bad game 2+3, if you know what to side (return from the D.D. is a bitch).
petqwe is right: banishing the same wyvern you sent to the grave with Darkflares effect is useless.
For the rest, good article. As a chaos dragon player, I liked it :-)

K'yde said...

What petqwe says about Dark Flare is true. You don't get anything back. For Drago, it functions exactly like Gozen Match and Rivalry of Warlords. There wasn't a judge present during their match and players watching the match aren't supposed to comment. So, shit happens.

LGQ, Mike always makes short posts. What the fuck you saying?! LOL!

MaJu V, The same is happening in Malaysia. No one pays attention to any decks until they make their presence known. Sad case.

GQ said...

@Kyde : expected longer. Cause the dude had so much to say. Disappointed.

GQ said...

Also, I need to point out that, even IF there was a judge present, he cannot do anything if Mike did not point out the illegal move. Thats just how the judging works here.

At ACQ, the judge ruled the move possible when I played it. Hence I continue doing so, until a few days ago when Kyde told me it was illegal.

K'yde said...

Who was the judge at that ruled it? Just out of curiosity.

GQ said...

Either Joshua or Happychin, since we only have 2 judge at that event

petqwe said...

Sorry for Necroposting, but I think I have made a slight mistake on Darkflare vs Eclipse Wyvern.

I think this may make more sense:
You send Wyvern to grave and banish the same Wyvern. Wyvern's banishing effect has not yet resolved, so it can never activate its fetching effect. You banish a monster only.

We shall have a look from rulings.


Q. If Eclipse Wyvern is sent to the grave and banished in the same chain block, will both effects activate?
A. The lv7+ Dark Dragon will be banished, but you cannot add that monster to your hand.

Now does that mean that you CAN activate 2nd effect even if you know it cannot resolve properly? I don't think so. So the chain link will simply become
C1. Wyvern's banishing effect. End.

Thanks for reading this wall of text and for accepting such a ruling nazi.