Friday, May 11, 2012


My exam ended 2 days ago, but hanging out with classmate till latenight Wednesday means no time for me to YGO. Yesterday, I wasn't in the mood to test my tournament decks, so I took a part some old decks and build new ones. One of them was this Watt deck.

Yup, definitely MVP

I've always know Watts are good but I can never find the time and mood to build the deck. But I randomly found the Watt cards and thought, what the heck. So, wasted about 15 minutes building the deck, and it felt good.

monster (17):

3 Wattgiraffe
3 Wattcobra
3 Wattdragonfly
3 Watthopper
2 Effect Veiler
3 Cardcar D

spell (12):

3 Pot of Duality
3 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Monster Reborn
1 Recycling Batteries
1 One-for-One
1 Book of Moon
2 My Body as a Shield

trap (11):

3 Safe-Zone
3 Fiendish Chain
2 Dark Bribe
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgment

Originally, My Body as a Shield is just a substitute for Forbidden Lance, BUT, after some thinking, the only thing that could get pass a Hopper lock would be Dark Hole and double Torrential Tribute. So, instead of just saving one of my Hoppers, My Body can just save both. Also, theres always random non-targeting cards like Smashing Ground and Black Rose. So, I feel My Body is the better pick in here.

Notice there is almost no monster destruction in the deck (if you don't consider Warning). Since I don't really care what my opponent does, I'm just gonna have my Watt monsters attack them directly anyway. Safe Zone doubles as Inzektor hate as well, since I can always equip it to one of their Inzektors if they were to pop it. Triple Fiendish Chain because it stops so many things that would normally ruin my combo. A single Bribe just in case I need to chain to a Judgment. Why not 7-tools? Cause I don't really mind my opponent drawing a single card if he can't break my Hopper lock.

Once the Hopper Lock is up and running, basically you win. In the Asian format META, all members of the big 3 can't do anything to you anymore. The only trouble you might find would be rogue decks that run Skill Drain (thats a very big problem).

This deck has a very good matchup against Inzektors. And if your opponent doesn't know what his doing, he might even side in Light-Imprisoning Mirror (in the side for Hieratics) against you, which doesn't do shit. Sure, your Cobra can't search now, but he still can direct attack, so it doesn't really matter. And since you run triple MST in your main, thats not a big problem. Inzketor's pop doesn't do much cause Cobra is a plus one in itself, Dragonfly goes off anyway and you don't drop Giraffe until the lock is done or you wanna set up the lock in main phase 2. Besides, double Veiler and triple Chain in the main, together with triple Safe-Zone is sorta very safe going against Inzektors.

Hieratics cannot do anything to the lock at all, maybe a Black Rose, but thats about it. In this matchup, or you have to do is make sure you have a Veiler in hand and some ways to answer the Dark Hole and Torrential and you would be fine. Dino Rabbits might even try siding in Macro Cosmos against you (if they don't know what they're doing), since most people would think that Dragonfly, like most recruiters, activate in the grave. Truth is ... it doesn't. Dino Rabbit may pose the biggest problem to this deck (among the big 3) because they have a lot of Smashing Ground and Laggia WILL negate your My Body as a Shield. But, they can't really get pass your lock unless they are willing to heavily neg themselves (which they have to).

NOTE : I'm also thinking playing two copies of Necrovalley instead of Reborn and Recycling in the main, just to really really fuck with Inzektors.

doesn't says graveyard anywhere on the text :)

As mentioned, the real problem this deck face would be Skill Drain, and decks that run a lot of annoying cards like Compulse (which would make sure no 2 Hoppers are ever on the field, but thats what Giraffe is for). Side in Decree for these match ups, cause most of your traps doesn't matter anyway. But again, these matchups would be uphill struggles.

side (15):

2 Electric Virus
1 Maxx C
1 Wattpheasant
2 Smashing Ground
2 Prohibition
1 Heavy Storm
2 Royal Decree
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Macro Cosmos

Maxx C is really random, but you don't wanna run into a Wind Up Loop. And you can also use it to stop Hieratics from going off. Virus is a Thunder type, meaning you can get it back with Recycling Batteries, unlikely, but possible. 

Prohibition, Storm and Decree means this deck has really really bad match up against Skill Drain. I would really wanna minimize my chances of getting locked down by it. Pheasant, Smashing and BTH for Rabbit, since its the only deck in the big 3 where this deck has problems with.


Tell me what you think bout the deck, I have a rough idea how Watts are normally played, but this is my first time actually playing them. 


K'yde said...

Play this in WCQ. Troll till you drop. FEAR THE LIGHT!

Anonymous said...

try electric seahorse...pretty amazing in watt

Muhammad Izzat Mustafa said... inzektor got fucked up playing with this..really annoying