Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 26th Toysbar Tournament report

Didn't felt like joining, my initial plan was to play test with Mike and Fishtank. But, there's this 2 annoying guys (very childish fellows) keep asking me have I signed up. And they didn't really took my "no"'s as an answer either. I ended up pulling in Mark and Fishtank to play, since it would be boring otherwise.

Yesterday at Toysbar was random, the moment I came in, this random dude was like talking to me like we're the best of friends, and I was like "who the fuck are you?" I thought he was one of my friend's friend, so I tried to not be rude, turns out no one knows him. LOL. And another dude was like trying to teach me and Mike how to properly play Inzektors.

Deck used : Hieratics

Reasons : I wanna test out my new side deck and techs against Inzektors since I know both Mark and Fishtank played them

Match 1 : VS Inzektor - Fishtank

Duel 1 : I rush and win.

Duel 2 : I open Cosmos and keep Drago on the board, beat for game after a few turns. He didn't pull any side decked cards it seems.



Match 2 : VS Machina Gadget

Duel 1 : I open Torrential and Cardcar D. He ditch 2 Fortress and got Fortress out, I play Torrential. He ditch Ancient Gear Dragon for Fortress, and swing for 2500. I proceed to OTK.

Duel 2 : He set a S/T and a field spell. I play Heavy and OTK.



Match 3 : VS Chaos Dragons - not the kind you are used to, this one is really random - the random dude

Duel 1 : I start and just pass the turn. He open Wyvern and swing for 1600. I just OTK him the next turn dropping 2 Gaia, a REDMD and a Drago (just to make sure he can't drop Trago//Gorz).

Duel 2 : He opens by setting a monster and 3 Face downs. I set Chalice and Wing Blast, resolving Cardcar D. He summons Sangan and flip Ryko, I chain Chalice since he targeted it anyway, he swings for 1600. I Duality into my OTK pieces and pass. Then he did something really random, Foolish for White Stone of Legend (getting him  Blue-Eyes), play Call to make Iron Chain Dragon, netting him another Blue-Eyes and Summoner Monk. Then, he played another Call to make Exploder Wing Dragon, getting him his third Blue-Eyes (at this point, I was about to ask him, did he had Polymerization). He then drop BLS on the board and proceed to attack for 5400, leaving me at 1000. I knew his 4 cards in hand are all crap, I just ditch Emerald Dragon for Wing Blast, go all out next turn, make 2 Gaias and a REDMD (sadly, I can't kill him yet since he had 2 BIG monsters), but I had MST in hand, and he has 4 useless cards, so it just took an extra turn.

After the match, the dude keep telling me and his friend that he almost had me or something. I was like dude, I had Wing Blast all the time, what are you talking about. But his point was he had me down to 1000. I was utterly speechless.



Match 4 : VS Inzektor - Mark

Duel 1 : I open OTK and won.

Duel 2 : He opens OTK and won.

Duel 3 : The first few turns go very slow. He had 4 set and was debating whether he wants to set his 5th card, he passed. I drop Tfenut, he plays Warning. I drop a second Tfenut, he played Book of Moon. I flip Dust Tornado, hitting his Wing Blast, proceed to OTK, his last card was MST. After the match, he showed me the card he was debating whether to set, it was Solemn Judgment, me and Fishtank were like "Dude, why did you not set that", he didn't really understand why he didn't set it either.



Ranking : 1st - got 3 Promo packs but pulled crap.

Did a lot of selling and buying (more to the selling) yesterday. Also, test played with Mike, Andrew and later Ryan till 12.30am last night at Card Arena. Came home at about 1 in the morning to find both my parent still awake in the living room, awkward!!


Anonymous said...

he has otk...
i have otk..
he has otk...
i have otk...

boring and useless

LFN said...

LOL awkward indeed

where were you!?!?

GQ said...

@Anon : so would

"I drew Tfenut, special summon it, my opponent has no response, I proceed to special summon Su. At this point I know he has no answers to my summons. I made Atum, detach a material and played its effect, special summoning a Red-Eyes Darkness Metal from my deck in def (the atk/def are now 0). With REDMD, I special summon the Tfenut. Then, I banish REDMD for another copy of REDMD from my hand. The new REDMD activated its effect, brought back Watt Dragon from my grave. Now, I xyz summon Exa-Beetle. Playing Exa-Beetle's effect, I send the monster equipped to Beetle and my opponent's lone monster to the grave. I proceed to xyz change the 2 Rank 6 monsters to make 2 Gaia Dragoons.

I proceed to my battle phase, attack with all 3 of my monsters for a total of 8000 damage!!!"

do better? If so, I don't mine copy and pasting them for every single time I did that.

GQ said...

@ LFN : "I wasn't doing drugs, I swear!"

Cookie said...

The random dude LOVES random blue eyes!

SpiceyYanni1 said...

Was this Pure Hieratic? Do you not like hanzo hieratic better?

GQ said...

Indeed, I do not like Hanzo at all