Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Zexal Gods?

Whose the artist? Cause I would really like to shake his hand

Most likely just fan made cards, but these arts sure look cool. Based on Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, which most people (myself included) has been suspecting; since Konami is very predictable to a certain degree.

So, all there of them have the "the summon of this card cannot be negated" which is fitting for a god. And they all also feature the "This card cannot be targeted by spell, trap and monster effect", sorta like Obelisk. Gay? Well, they are gods, they are meant to be broken and lay waste to your opponent if you can get it out on the board. I say that, but getting 3 level 10 monsters onto the board isn't something a lot of decks can do. 

Oh, and in case you guys are thinking why they lack Obelisk and Osiris's "when this card is special summon, destroy it in the end phase" effect, well, they are xyz monsters. Their main effect would be gone making the (fucking big) vanillas if you special summon them via reborn.

On to the individual card review, all of them have the 2 effects I've mentioned, so I'm gonna skip that. I'll just mention their individual effects.

Ocean Dragon God - Poseidon



Detach 1 xyz material, banish all Spell and Trap cards on your opponent's field and Graveyard.

(I'm Harpie Feather Duster with legs, bitch)


Heaven Dragon Emperor - Zeus 

(although the kanji says Sky, but I'm pretty sure the guy who made these oricas was referring to the heavens, also, the word 皇 translated to emperor in Chinese language, where the 王, shown on Hades refers to king) 



When your opponent summons, special summons a monster or activates a spell, trap or monster effect, detach 1 xyz material, negate and destroy that card. 

(Solemn Judgment and Divine Wrath in 1 card; and I can use this up to 3 times!)


Hell Dragon Lord - Hades

(the word 冥府 gets translated into the most random shits when the card is printed in the TCG, I understand the fact that religious issue might cause problems and all, but at least get a standard. Well, 冥府 translates directly to Underworld or as I like to call it Hell, although the word Hell God Dragon sound far from cool, but hey, the Japanese name Mei-Ou-Ryuu sounds cool as fuck)



Detach 1 xyz material from this card. Special summon any number of monsters from your graveyard.

(Seriously, why did the artist made Hades even more powerful than Zeus; I mean, sure. Zeus can negate Hades's effect and destroy him, but Hades's effect is a bloodly OTK from which ever angle I'm looking at it)


I've said this before, none of these cards are official and they are mostly likely (or almost certainly) FAN-MADE oricas. I've found this picture on Facebook a while ago, and decided to blog about it, just to show case this awesome set of cards that I would like to play with.


Leodip said...

I wrote giant post and it disappeared, don't want to write it all again. Basically I was going to write on my blog about how will zexal gods look like and then I saw this. I'm sure that the bigger one is of course hades, and he leads to crazy otks, just summon one of him and have a random monster in the grave to end up with 3 hades and a random R10 XYZ that requires 2 materials and a random monster from the grave. This combo works good even with xyz reborn, there are no problems at all. You can change the combo into 2 hades and 1 poseidon/zeus to totally kill the opponent to remove threats. This is made possible by the fact that no one of them has the "once per turn" limitation. They are never going to be made real because hades really helps Synchros. Awesome arts adn effects. If they are going to be created, they are going to be R12, and possibly need 4 monsters, or an effect that says that there can't be more than 1 of them at the same time on the field.

GQ said...

Just got news that the art is actually from Duel Masters.