Sunday, May 6, 2012

WCQ Malaysia format

From the news I've heard, theres a couple of ways you can get into the top32 tables for WCQ.

(1) Tournaments at GA - 6 slots
(2) Top rankings - 10 slots
(3) Fight your way through the endless hordes of zombies on WCQ day - 16 slots

It does seems fair that we are given quite a few ways to get into top32. But I don't like ranking having more slots then seed tournaments. But, from what I've heard, WCQ is on 17th of June. Thats just slightly more than a month, so I guess the time constrain has to be one of the factors for this. Although I think we can still easily squeeze in at least 2 more slots. But overall, I guess fair enough, considering there would be top32 instead of top20 like ACQ.

Tips for guys trying to get to the top32 on WCQ day. Easy, just don't lose. Since the format would be single elimination anyway. If its swiss to top32, I wouldn't bother going for seed tournaments; since the average level of Malaysian players are quite low; the seed tournaments and rankings would already consist of at least 10 of some of the better duelist, I say, not much to worry about. But, its single elimination, and I don't wanna be pit against something extremely random game 1 and drop.

Most likely, I would join 2 seed tournaments, if I don't get into top32 there, I'll just play on WCQ, no big deal.


mike said...

gonna play at seed too. we all pakat lah

Sean said...

gambateh, both of you :)

zzxiaoboizz aka pohseng said...

What does top rankings actually mean? Something similar to the rankings in deciding seeded players in asia 2012?

GQ said...

I think so. I'm not so sure bout the details myself.