Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Machina Gadgets

For everyone playing in WCQ, one piece of advise from me. Do NOT take them off your threat list.

Geargiganto X is powerful, I have no doubt in this, and it has took Machina Gadgets back to tier 1. But I've always thought that the deck needs Tinplate Goldfish to function properly, and without them, they would be normal Gadgets that other tier 1 trample over. I was wrong.

Yesterday, I was building all the top decks in the format to go against my Hieratics to build the perfect side deck. My sparring partners were Inzektors, Hieratic, Hanzo Hieratic, Dino Rabbit, GK and Gadgets. I've tested against them in that order, threat levels if you may call them. Testing went well, as I've developed side decks to counter most this deck, problem is when I've reached Gadgets. Thinking they are slow for not having Tinplate and not really sure what cards would stop this deck effectively, I sided in Electric Virus and Mind Crush. Thats not enough.

Without Tinplate Goldfish, the deck doesn't really have a turn 1 Giganto X. But doesn't have turn 1 Giganto X and not being able to function turn 1 is very very different. It can still summon Machina Gearframe or a Gadget, not to mention I replaced the Goldfish with Cardcar (since I'm not sure what would be a suitable substitute, I'm not that good with Machine decks). The deck runs like normal Machina Gadget until you pull Ultimate Offering. If your opponent doesn't have answers to Offering, you WILL win.

Some might argue that the deck is too dependent on Ultimate Offering in Asian format, and we have access to very few rank 4 XYZs. Those are facts, and I'm not stating otherwise. The deck is far from full potential in the Asian format, the only other rank 4 they bring out would be NO39 Hope, Maestroke and Fairy King. Still, I'm positive that everyone should at least playtest with this deck at least for a few rounds and figure out how to utilize your side deck against them, simply put, this is the dark horse for WCQ Malaysia, I have little doubt.

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