Thursday, May 17, 2012

WCQ Preparations

Well, I've been spending the last few days trying to build the "perfect" main deck together with the "best" side deck for the META. I see progress, yeah, but progress is slow. I'm really in need of a tournament to test my deck, I was hoping for one last weekend at Toysbar, but yeah ... I should had expected, it was a Toysbar tournament, I didn't even bother reaching for my side deck most of the time.

This Sunday would be WCQ Seed Tournament at Gamers Arena, whats so surprising is that we actually get prizes in addition to the seeding. 1st and 2nd place both get qualified into the top 32 of WCQ Malaysia, also, 1st place gets a Playmat, 2nd place gets a deck box. We need to purchase items above RM20 to participate, but thats very reasonable in the fact that we actually are playing for something and there are more prizes now. AND, paying RM20 for something is better than paying RM5 for nothing in my opinion.

I'm not gonna do a META analysis on what decks you should prepare yourself for, that would be a waste of time. We KNOW what deck we should prepare for, if you don't you might as well drop this event all together. Instead, I wanna try predict what cards are gonna be the determining factor for winning WCQ, and the seed tournaments are the best testing ground to prove my theory.

I say both Forbidden Lance and Chalice would be crucial this tournament, more so for the latter. Testing results have told me this. I'm now starting to drop 3 Cardcar D's in favor for tech cards and its working like I planned. More update is to come, since I had not yet reach my conclusion and desired outcome.

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