Friday, May 18, 2012

Summon Limit

If you don't know what this card does, which most players should not, its perfectly fine because this card has never done anything since its release back in Light of Destruction. I've stock piled a play set of these because I thought that it would be good when special summoning happens a lot. That thinking is not wrong but if you were to play in those formats, your deck need to be special summoning a lot as well, or you just won't win. So this card basically stops your own play, therefore, I left them in my staple pile and went searching for other cards.

Found them yesterday while I was digging through my staple pile for cards that might be good for my Hieratic side deck. This card is far from it, its one of the worst cards you can put in a Hieratic side, second maybe only to Mask of Restrict.

I've said this in my previous blog post, if you are to build a side deck, you should have at least a considerable amount of cards against Inzektors. This card hits Dino Rabbit; it hits Hieratics; it hits Chaos Dragons; and it also hits any deck that tries to special summon a lot of monsters in 1 turn; but it doesn't hit Inzektors. After I come into realization, I was thinking "why isn't Inzektors siding these?"

Sure, I understand the fact that this card isn't as powerful as some of the other cards you can play, but a card that can hit every single matchup other than a mirror is very very good. And because of this, you CAN play Fiendish Chain again, I mean, if your playing Hieratics, do you think his gonna blow Fiendish Chain or Summon Limit. Your opponent only has 3 MSTs. Billy Brake ran 3 copies of Messenger of Peace in his Inzektors, because it is good specifically towards Dino Rabbits. While arguably this card does the same thing as Gozen Match to Rabbits; I don't remember Gozen Match doing anything towards Hieratics.

There are better cards you can add to your side deck, I'm sure of it. I'm just pointing out this isn't a bad side deck card for Inzektors. Mask of Restrick kills Hieratics and Gozen Match kills Dino Rabbit, but playing 6 of those are kinda heavy considering you would now limit your side deck for Mirror and other match ups to 9 slots, and I don't think 3 cards are enough to stop a tier 1 deck consistently. If you can play 3 copies of Summon Limit that does the job, you would have saved 3 slots in your side, and now you can potentially have up to 6 cards to swap in. No matter how much better a job those specific counter cards do, it only takes a MST to get rid of them.

Obviously, my target audience for this post are the Inzektor players would are playing Continuous Traps to counter the Rabbit and Hieratic match ups, if you don't do that to begin with, then I see no point in starting now. But, its always a good thing to have a back up in mind, no matter how ineffective it might be. This goes back to the EFFICIENCY VS EFFECTIVENESS debate, that us engineers have to question everyday.


K'yde said...

Used to love this card but right now with triple MST and Night Shot around, i shudder to think so.

GQ said...

this is the perfect bait for MST, don't you agree?

K'yde said...

Yes, it is. However if Night Shot starts to see more play it really wouldn't make much of a difference. Waste MST to destroy it and Night Shot deals with the rest. We also have Raigeki Break, PWWB to include in the picture. It is still a very good card that barely anyone make use of, sadly.

petqwe said...

I was playing Oppression Monarch in 2009. I thought this card would be good against AKB, because its effect still applies under Cold Wave. I managed to get about 45% percentage by maining 3 copies of Summon Limiter.

And with opponent playing 3 MST and 3 Night Shot, should I flip Summon Limiter during Draw Phase?

yamispade said...

This card is a darkhorse card that really pisses off any player that runs XYZ or Synchros or summons more than twice in a turn period. Sure it can be destroyed, but it cost you no lp, baits out all spell and trap destruction and is a good means to give you atleast 1 turn to get ahead especially when the opponent has over extended by setting more backrow than they can afford to protect. Also main decking 2 of this right now is a great idea as long as you main deck 1 shadow imp mirror. Regardless of what can or cant destroy a card and the number of copies of that card exist doesnt negate how good a card can be unless its requirements to use outweigh the odds itll be useful.

mike said...

Basically it like soul drain. Both are decent but better options out there.