Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dragon on the Loose!

if anyone still remember about that structure deck : Revival of the Great Dragon, you might for the trade-in and support cards like that, but you might not remember about its main monster, Felgrand Dragon.

well, its not a bad dragon and its specs aren't bad, but with a big draw-back. it must be sent to the graveyard from the field before it can be special summon. Dragon's are known for their power and ability to pull a big one out fast, but this guy is totally the opposite as it needs a big monster in the grave to pump it up. I'm not saying that its slow but its not a card that you would run on a daily basis dragon deck.

so, I'll be trying to built a deck around it as soon as I got 3 copies of it!!


Rauzes said...

Undead World + Book of Life says hi.

LimGQ said...

lol. very nice. but i kinda like dragon's more than undead. ha ha