Sunday, April 12, 2009


deck list :
Endymion, the master Magician x2
Defender, the magical knight x2
junk syncron x3
apprentice magician x3
crystal seer x2
blast magician x2
sangan x1
breaker, the magical warrior x1
old vindictive magician x1

Magical citadel of Endymion x3
Spell power grasp x3
Arcane barrier x3
Card of safe return x1
Magical dimension x2
monster reborn x1
MST x1
heavy storm x1
dark eruption x1
fissure x1
Swords of revealing light x1
terra forming x1
magical mallet x1

CCV x1
torrential tribute x1

overall strategy, gain spell counters with the field, power-up the arcane barrier and draw with releasing seer or vindictive after using their effect. apprentice magician speeds the deck up by searching for tribute folder. gain enough hand and preform an OTK with 1 or 2 Endymion. helps by blowing the field up with black rose first since the capital won't be destroyed.

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