Monday, April 13, 2009

Deadly FTK from Japan ....

okay, as the title suggested, the Japanese had yet again created a horrifying OTK, this time, its a FTK.

Key cards to pull this off:
in hand : dark grepher(or Rota), BF-Vayu of the Big Flag or any lv5+ dark(cause they are gonna get dumped anyway, dark creator, foolish burial or different dimensional burial .

first of all, we need to know even if this FTK doesn't come occur(since the chances are quite low) this is still a BF deck we are talking here. so u know how would it do. its super fast and annoiying, its deadly without this FTK, it'll be horrifying with it.

personally, this is a deck list I think would be relavent to this deck(might not be the exact copy but close):

3x gale
3x shura
3x Qa'lat
3x blast
2x Vayu
2x Shirocco
2x Eifan
2x blizzard
1x DAD
1x Dark creator
2x dark grepher

3x black whirlwind
2x against wind
1x dark blast
1x monster reincarnation
2x foolish burrial
1x different dimension burrial
1x RoTA
1x monster reborn

2x delta crow - anti-reverse
1x torrental tribute
1x trap dustshoot or mind crush (in case of Gorz)

3x DDB
3x each copy of BF
2x Stardust
2x black rose
1x bronaic
1x goyo

so, another strategy in this deck is like any other BF deck, swarm pull out gale with shura, direct atk or deal damege first, syncro for DDB, game!!

for a much clearer picture of the FTK :
credits go to president Ikeda and staff Thunder

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