Friday, April 24, 2009

YuGiOh factors!!

cards I like most:
favorite card in game : Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
card I want to be a spirit partner : Elemental Hero Airman (yes, I am a E.hero Freak)
favorite monster type : Dragon - favorite card is Red Eyes Black Dragon
favorite spell/magic card : Monster reborn(死者蘇生) and Miracle Fusion
favorite trap : Bottomless traphole(save my shit a lot!!)
favorite deck : E.hero, of cause; any decks that can gain a lot of hand advantage!!
now, its time to reveal what cards I dislike!!!
least favorite card in the game: Necro Guardna ( i hate it alot!! stops most of my OTK)
decks I hate most : most META deck, and especially, LightLord
duelist I hate most : noobs that thinks that they are pro and talk cr*p when they lose.... yeah, Absolute Zero FTW!!

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Rauzes said...

Yay for Absozero