Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ancient Fairy Dragon in Antique Gear!!

WTF!? before anyone says that, lets take a look at ancient fairy's description:
Once per turn, you can special summon summon 1 level 4 or lower monster from your hand. If you activate this effect, you cannot enter your battle phase this turn. Once per turn, you can destroy a field spell to gain 1000 life points, then add 1 field spell from your deck to your hand.

so basically, looking at this cards stats, you know it can be special summon very easy level 3 tuners like psycho commander. Lv 4 + Lv3 =Lv 7, and Lv 4 in antique gears makes me think of giant rats or soldiers. not to mention ancient fairy's effect to special summon them. and ancient fairy's 2nd effect can help you destroy your own Gear town to summon GajitronDragon, and search for another town!!

I give you, ancient fairygear deck:

3x antique gear(AG) engineer
1x AG beast
3x AG GajitronDragon
2x AG soldier
1x Cyber Dragon
2x Psycho Commander
2x Krebons
1x morphing Jar
3x giant rat

3x gear town
1x terra forming
1x heavy storm
1x MST
1x emergency teleport
1x limit remover
1x monster reborn
2x AG workshop

2x ultimate offering
3x bottomless traphole
1x mirror force
3x solemn judgement
2x mind crush

extra deck:
3x ancient fairy dragon
3x dark dive bomber
1x mental sphere deamon
2x stardust dragon
2x black rose dragon
1x goyo guardian
1x bronaic
1x chain dragon
1x magical android

basic strategy :
syncro for Ancient fairy, activate gear town, destroy it. sp summon Gajitron dragon, activate the searched gear town, use heavy storm and sp summon another gajitrondragon. limit remover for OTK.

total cards needed for this OTK: Lv 4 monster, E-tele or psycho commander, terra forming or geartown, heavy storm. 4 cards, very effective i would say.

other strategies:
same as the above, but summon lv 4 AG and have them syncro to DDB, attack with DDB + limit remover and release himself and ancient fairy. 5200 + 1400 +1400 =8000.

so, feel free to try this deck out!!


Rauzes said...

Simply put, 3 Gear town isnt reliable. Theyre great for use, but once theyre used up, that it for the deck. Try some more other strategies.

Also, this deck needs an easier form of level 7 Syncro.

try working in a dust shoot.

Also, regarding the Stardust/Buster playmat,

LimGQ said...

thanks for the update. wow. never really thought about what will happen if the OTk missed. dust shoot... i really don't have one. so, mind crush is like a replacement

Anonymous said...

If "Geartown" is destroyed by the effect of "Ancient Fairy Dragon" and you choose not to add a Field Spell Card to your hand, then you can activate the effect of "Geartown". However, if you add a Field Spell Card to your hand, then you miss the timing and cannot activate the effect of "Geartown".