Wednesday, April 15, 2009


remember a couple of years ago when EOJ, enemy of justice came out. People created a deck using HERO flash as their main card and OTK the opponent. problem with that deck is that the E heros are too small in size( at least the normal ones back then) and the deck is long forgotten.

normal monsters gain more support since STON, but still this deck never had a chance of revival cause GBs, six sam and DAD came into the picture. this deck had since been in the closet collecting dust until RGBT came out... i taught? hey, why not try this, and it works!!

key card of the deck :Natural tune
effect : Select 1face up level 4 or lower normal monster you control. It is treated as a tuner monster as long as it remains face-up on the field.

basically, this means all your normal E heroes (featherman, burstlady...) can be tuners now. and with the swarming ability this deck holds, it means Dark Dive Bomber are gonna kamikaze for the good guys for once.

2x E hero featherman
2x E hero burstlady
2x E hero Clayman
2x E hero Sparkman
3x E hero Another Neos
2x king of the swamps
1x morphing jar
1x N. grandmole
1x treeborn frog

2x polymerization
2x miracle fusion
1x future fusion
2x dark factory of mass production
3x natural tune
2x H heated heart
2x E emergency call
2x R Righteous Justice
3x O Over soul
2x HERO hero flash
1x monster reborn
1x pot of avarice

2x hero blast
1x royal decree

extra deck:
3x E hero Absolute Zero
1x E hero Flamewingman
2x E hero Shining Flamewingman
1x E hero God Neos
1x E hero Rampart Gunner
1x E hero Thunder Giant
1x Black Rose Dragon
2x Dark Dive Bomber
1x Gigantic Fighter
1x Stardust dragon
1x Goyo Guardian

man, I really wish the extra deck is not limited to 15...

main strategy: use HERO to swarm the field and control it. when Hero flash comes into play, there should be more than 3 heroes on your field, after u direct attack, syncro them into DDB and OTK your opponent.

so, basically, its just another way to abuse DDB's gay effect. thanks Bommer, for using this card and create a meta of this card being the central...


Rauzes said...

I dont think King of Swamps + Polymerization engine is really needed here. While it feeds Absolute Zero, an idea i really like, I say either use 3 or not at all. Bubbleman for "draw power" might be a better choice.

Oh, and Hero flash CANNOT summon Another Neos from deck. Another Neos is NOT treated as normal monster in hand or deck.

Decree is out of place. There are better choices here.

LimGQ said...

i can't, but from grave with O oversoul is enough for me, cause i can summon sparkman or something like that. for the traps, i really don't know what to do with it. mind giving some pointers?