Friday, April 17, 2009

need help with Core Chimair!!

3x CC Valafar
3x CC drago
3xCC Guardian
2x CC Ice
3x CC devil
2x CC powerhand
1x morphing jar
1x cyber dragon

3x CC's metal core
3x emergency core disposal
1x urgent synthesis
3x cold wave
1x heavy storm
1x swords of revealing light
1x pot of avarice
1x monster reborn
1x brain control

2x sakuretsu armor
2x bottomless trap hole
1x ultimate offering
2x core overload

problem faced :
highly in consistence, slow and inaggresive. I would really like advice to help me solve these problems. i realize this deck doesn't have ancient prophecy cards, getting them soon. please give comments and how to improve the deck


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