Tuesday, April 28, 2009

make way for the XX-sabers!!

Its been 2 weeks since Ancient Prophecy(605) being release and while BF deck gets some of the most crazy cards in the world, the YuGiOh world is being trampled by an old friend by storm.

X-sabers? being the main card of decks like AKB and Neko Syncro, the X-saber Airbellum is a familiar face but his other friends... we don't see them often. but ANPR gave them their best friends ever, in the form of XX-sabers. believe me, these are a force that is gonna take the META decks down by force.

lets take a brief monent to look at there XX, shall we. 1st of all, XX-sabers are consider as X-saber monsters cause the technically have X-sabers on their name, this means that they can also use the X-sabers support. 2nd of all, they are BIG. very big. with their main syncro monster at 3100, it could take out most main monsters like Judgement Dragon, Dark Armed Dragon, GB Heraklinos and Red Daemons Dragon (notice all of them are at 3000). and they are easily summon to the field.

but is that really gonna help them defeat decks like BF, AKB and stuff? yes, they can perform OTK's that you never seen before, which is in the form of Infinite Loop (yes, it is an Infinite Loop). or just destroy your hand in another Infinite Loop combo. what is with XX and infinite loop anyway.

here is an example of a video on Youtube,
brought to you by Bbluefukuoka!!

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