Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gladial Beast are out of ring? I don't think so...

since the march banned list came out, its been a topic in most duelist conversation. GBs are going down with their bad ass rival biggest undead-syncro in OCG. its obvious, bestiari, which was their ace hitter is now down to one. and with the release of the BFs, things just look worse for our Roman friends... this may not be true in TCG with samnite as a new card, OCG players had already run this deck for 4months now and come up with a conclusion, that extra bestiari is the only thing they have agaist the birds...

now, after one month of retirement, the GBs fought their way back to the top once more, this time with the help of a few friends from the light. I present, a whole new GB deck, Light-Gladial-Beat.

2x GB, Laquari
1x GB,bestiari
2x GB, darius
2x GB, euqueste
2x GB,samnite
2x test tiger
2x rescue cat
1x summon priest
2x E.hero prisma
3x raioh
3x honest

2x GB tamer
3x cold wave
1x heavy storm
1x brain control
3x book of moon
1x monster reborn
1x monster reincarnation
2x pot of avarice

2x icarus attack
1x torrental tribute
3x solemn judgement

3x GB,Gyzarus
2x GB, Heraklinos
any syncro monster to fill in the spot!

yes, this build officially throws away the guidebook of building a GB deck out the window. it doesn't run war chariot and has honest in it. well, its a very good lock down. but looking at the list itself makes me think that this deck is iconsistant, but take a look at its opponents, BFs, antimeta lock down of all sorts, counter angels and all those OTK decks. it won, it has to be more than luck, its pure good deck building and good siding of cause.

basic plays: use prisma for dumping and recycling GBs, fast. use raioh for preventing BF from drawing, and when gale wants to atk you, honest it(unless he has Qa'lat, but u can use honest 1st and he'll be gone). against syncro, have no fear the thunder king is always here and his honest friend to back him up.

only real threat: a bigger, more effecient lock down.

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